Commission's Technical Advisory Group (CTAG)

The SCCWRP Commission's Technical Advisory Group (CTAG) is a panel including representatives of SCCWRP's member agencies. The purpose of CTAG is to act as the primary link between the SCCWRP Commission and member agency and SCCWRP staff. It fulfills this purpose by performing the following functions:

• Technical & Scientific Review: CTAG provides advice and guidance on the SCCWRP research plan, assisting in its development and helping to assure that it meets the science and managerial needs of the member agencies. CTAG also provides advice and guidance on ongoing SCCWRP projects and activities and reviews and comments on SCCWRP technical reports.

• Liaison: CTAG members keep their respective agencies informed of SCCWRP activities. This includes communication both to Commissioners and to member agency staff. CTAG members also serve as points of contact between SCCWRP and their respective agencies and facilitate collaboration of their respective agencies with SCCWRP.

• Technology Transfer: CTAG provides an avenue for SCCWRP to transfer scientific and technical information to the member agencies on a wide range of topics pertinent to the broad responsibilities of these agencies.

• Interagency Interaction: CTAG provides a unique forum for exchange both between agencies in different roles (i.e., regulatory and regulated agencies) as well as among different agencies in similar roles.

• Special Projects: As the need arises, CTAG collaborates closely with SCCWRP staff on special projects that require a high level of integration of managerial, technical, and scientific issues. In this role CTAG provides the insights of the regulatory and regulated agencies.

Each SCCWRP Commissioner designates staff from his/her agency to serve on CTAG. In addition, representatives of agencies that are not members of SCCWRP may be invited to participate in CTAG. CTAG holds regular meetings quarterly, in advance of the Commission meetings. CTAG members generally have technical backgrounds and hold positions within their respective agencies that allow them to view the activities of SCCWRP from both a scientific and managerial perspective.

CTAG Members:

California State Water Resources Control Board

Greg Gearheart
Senior Water Resources Control Engineer

City of Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation Environmental Monitoring Division

Stan Asato
Biology Section Lab Manager

Ventura County Watershed Protection District

Dr. Bram Sercu (Vice-Chair)
Water Resources Specialist

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Region 9

Terry Fleming
Environmental Scientist

Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County

Joe Gully (Chair)
Supervising Environmental Scientist

Los Angeles County Flood Control District

Paul Alva
Principal Engineer, Watershed Management

California Ocean Science Trust

Skyli McAfee
Executive Director

Orange County Sanitation District

Dr. Jeff Armstrong
Environmental Supervisor, Ocean Monitoring Program

Orange County Public Works

Chris Crompton
Manager, Environmental Resources

City of San Diego Public Utilities Department

Dr. Tim Stebbins
Manager, Ocean Monitoring Program

County of San Diego Department of Public Works

Nancy Stalnaker
Program Coordinator, Watershed Protection Program

California Regional Water Quality Control Board, Los Angeles Region

J. Michael Lyons
Environmental Specialist

California Regional Water Quality Control Board, Santa Ana Region

Wanda Cross (Past Chair)
Senior Environmental Scientist, Basin Planning Coastal Waters

California Regional Water Quality Control Board, San Diego Region

Bruce Posthumus
Senior Water Resource Control Engineer