JOHN F. GRIFFITH – Microbiologist


Ph.D., Marine Environmental Biology, University of Southern California, 2006

B.S., Biology, University of Southern California, 1995

B.S., Environmental Studies, University of Southern California, 1995


Dr. Griffith is a marine microbiologist and Coordinator of Molecular Technology at SCCWRP. He earned his Ph.D. in marine biology and biological oceanography at the University of Southern California, where his dissertation research focused on indicators of fecal contamination in near-shore marine waters. Dr. Griffith joined SCCWRP in 2001. His present research efforts focus on development and evaluation of methods for detection and enumeration of fecal indicators and pathogens in fresh and marine waters, and relationships between water quality indicators and swimming-related illness. He has written over 60 articles on use of Foraminifera as bio-indicators, prokaryotic and viral diversity in marine plankton, beach water quality, microbial source tracking and relationships between water quality indicators and swimming-related illness.


Principal Scientist, Southern California Coastal Water Research Project, Costa Mesa, CA. 2010 - Present

Microbiologist, Southern California Coastal Water Research Project. Westminster, CA. 2001-2010

Research Assistant, Marine Biology Research Section, University of Southern California. Los Angeles, CA. 2000-2001

Doctoral Fellow, NSF Integrative Graduate Education and Training, Environmental Studies, Policy and Engineering - Sustainable Cities Program, University of Southern California. Los Angeles, CA. 1999-2000

Teaching Assistant, University of Southern California. Los Angeles, CA. 1995-1999

Trainee, USC Sea Grant Program. Los Angeles, CA. 1995-2001

Laboratory Assistant, University of Southern California. Los Angeles CA. 1993-1995


US EPA Scientific and Technological Achievement Award 2014
National Science Foundation IGERT Doctoral Fellowship (1998-2000)
LAS Dean's Advisory Board, University of Southern California (1994-1997)
LAS Dean's List, University of Southern California (1994, 1995)
Phi Sigma National Biological Honor Society, Chapter President (1993-1994)
Dean's List, University of California, Irvine (1993)
President's Honor Roll, Fullerton College (1992)
Golden Key National Honor Society


American Society for Microbiology
Association for the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography
The Oceanographic Society International Water Association


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