Dr. Fayçal Kessouri

Fayçal Kessouri is a scientist in the Biogeochemistry Department. He received his M.S in oceanography from University Pierre et Marie Curie in Paris in 2012 and Ph.D. in oceanography from the University of Toulouse Paul Sabatier in 2015. Dr. Kessouri joined SCCWRP in 2016. His present research efforts focus on understanding the impact of physical dynamics on biogeochemical behavior of the plankton ecosystem. He is also working on the regional impact of rivers inputs and large-scale upwelling variability on acidification and hypoxia along the North American West Coast.


E-mail: faycalk@sccwrp.org
Phone: (714) 755-3236
Address: 3535 Harbor Blvd., Suite 110, Costa Mesa, CA 92626