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SCCWRP utilizes several different means to communicate the outcomes of research activities. In addition to SCCWRP Commission meetings, where updates are given to management representatives from SCCWRP's 14 member agencies, the SCCWRP website is an important intermediary for sharing information. Regularly updated website features include the SCCWRP Research Plan, Director's Reports, Annual Report, Recent Publications, Data, Upcoming Conference Presentations, and News, to name a few.

There are also a variety of lists that interested stakeholders may join to receive notification by mail or email when new material is released. These opportunities (and directions for signing up) are described below.

Annual Report (Mailing List)

The SCCWRP Annual Report is a compilation of scientific articles generated by SCCWRP research over the prior year.

To receive a hard copy of the Annual Report, please send the following information to Christina Steidley:

• Name
• Organization (if any)
• Mailing address

Seminar (Mailing List)

SCCWRP Seminars bring external scientists and environmental managers to give presentations at SCCWRP, usually on Fridays at 11:00 AM. The Seminar schedule is released biannually, in winter and fall.

To receive flyers announcing the Seminar schedule, please send the following information to Christina Steidley:

• Name
• Organization (if any)
• Mailing address

Director’s Report (Email List)

The SCCWRP Director’s Report is prepared on a quarterly basis to provide the SCCWRP Commission with an update on the agency’s activities. Issued one week prior to each CTAG meeting, it contains current updates on each project in the Research Plan, as well as personnel updates, recent publications, meetings, and news.

To receive new Director’s Reports by email, please send the following information to Scott Martindale:

• Name
• Email address

Request for Proposals (Email List)

SCCWRP periodically issues Requests for Proposals for scientific, technical, and other services.

To receive email notifications when an RFP is issued, please fill out and submit the online form.

YouTube Channel

SCCWRP produces a video series on general topics, training for new laboratory methods, and research overviews, methods, and findings.

To watch SCCWRP videos, visit our video library or subscribe to the SCCWRP channel on YouTube. While logged in to your Google account, click the "subscribe" button and check the option marked "email me for each new upload".