Data Submission

SCCWRP Research:

SCCWRP has been instrumental in fostering collaboration among many organizations that previously produced disparate and incomparable data sets. To this end, SCCWRP often creates Standardized Data Transfer Formats (SDTFs) that allow multiple users to record and submit data in a similar fashion. These SDTFs serve as a useful tool for producing comparable data with a format that is both easy to analyze and useful for making regional assessments. SCCWRP also manages and maintains databases for the programs listed below, in order to allow uploading and checking data by a variety of users over the internet.

Bight '18

Bight '13

The Information Management System for Bight '13 serves many purposes, most importantly to provide a mechanism for data comparability among project participants. Creating SDTFs is required for Bight '13, in order to produce an integrated regional assessment of the Southern California Bight. Applicable STDFs are presented in the Bight '13 Information Management Plan. Review this document first for data submission formats and requirements, then use the link below to submit data.

CEDEN - Southern California Regional Data Center (SCRDC)

The Surface Water Ambient Monitoring Project (SWAMP) is perhaps one of the largest ambient monitoring data repositories in the State of California. The State is working to overcome the challenges that go along with serving up a large amount of data from many programs throughout the state of California by creating several regional data centers. SCCWRP will serve as the Southern California Regional Data Center. Currently SCCWRP is working with the Stormwater Monitoring Coalition and citizen monitoring groups in southern California; however, any program or agency may participate in the SWAMP data sharing program.

SMC Stream Data Submission

Stream assessment programs often measure multiple indicators to assess stream health, expending considerable resources to this end. This project aims to link these indicators with ecosystem functions such as food web structure, biodiversity, and nutrient processing. The Stormwater Monitoring Coalition (SMC) Stream Assessment Survey is a cooperative effort of stormwater organizations, which have a common goal of sharing data to make assessments of stream environments in their watersheds.  

For more information on data submission, contact Shelly Moore at (714) 755-3207.

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