Welcome to the SMC Stream Data Submission Page

There are three methods of data submission that will be used for this project. The most current information on data submissions will always be found at this website. The methods for data submission are different for each type of data:

  • CRAM data should be submitted through the www.cramwetlands.org website.
  • Stream Habitat data should be submitted via the File Exchange on SCCWRPs website. Please submit the completed Access database and choose Marlene Hanken as the Staff Member.
  • Laboratory data (Chemistry, Toxicity, and Taxonomy) should be submitted through this page. The data structures for each table and the most current values for each lookup list can be found below.

For more information on data available through SCCWRP, contact Shelly Moore at shellym@sccwrp.org (714) 755-3207.