Southern California Bight 2008 Regional Monitoring Program

Planning Documents

Areas of Special Biological Significance (ASBS) Workplan

Bioaccumulation Workplan

Coastal Ecology Workplan

Appendix A: Bight'08 Station Location Maps
Appendix B: Sample Site Assignments
Appendix C: Sample Laboratory Assignments
Appendix D: Coastal Ecology Workplan Special Studies

Coastal Wetlands and Estuaries Workplan

Offshore Water Quality Workplan

Rocky Reef Workplan

Information Management Plan

Quality Assurance Plan

Field/Laboratory Manuals and Data Forms

Coastal Ecology Field Operations Manual

Appendix A: Station Location Maps
Appendix B: Field Sampling Organization and Station Draw Information
Appendix C: Sampling Processing Analytical Laboratories
Appendix D: Coastal Ecology Field Operations Equipment and Supply List
Appendix E: Sampling Vessel Specifications
Appendix F: Field Sampling Data Sheets
Appendix G: Sediment Chemistry Sampling Guide
Appendix H: Field Sampling QA/QC Data Sheets
Appendix I: Sampling Organization and Analytical Laboratory Contacts
Appendix J: Sample Shipping Information

Offshore Water Quality Field Operations Manual

Macrobenthic (Infaunal) Sample Analysis Laboratory Manual

Data Form 1: Infaunal Sorting Sheet and Sorting Quality Control Report
Data Form 2: Infaunal Analysis QC: Discrepancy Report
Data Form 3: Infaunal Analysis QC: Discrepancy Resolution Report
Data Form 4: Infaunal Id & Enumeration: Accuracy Report

Toxicology Laboratory Manual
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