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(1044) An exponential model based new approach for correcting aqueous concentrations of hydrophobic organic chemicals measured by polyethylene passive samplers. Request Only. 2019. W Lao, KA Maruya, D Tsukada. Science of the Total Environment 646:11-18. ABSTRACT


(1045) Tidal asymmetry and residual sediment transport in a short tidal basin under sea level rise. Request Only. 2018. L Guo, M Brand, BF Sanders, E Foufoula-Georgiou, ED Stein. Advances in Water Resources 121: 1–8. ABSTRACT
(1043) Four decades of water quality change in the upper San Francisco Estuary. Request Only. 2018. MW Beck, TW Jabusch, PR Trowbridge, DB Senn. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 212: 11-22. ABSTRACT
(1042) An ecological framework for informing permitting decisions on scientific activities in protected areas. 2018. ET Saarman, B Owens, SN Murray, SB Weisberg, RF Ambrose, JC Field, KJ Nielsen, MH Carr. PLoS ONE 13(6): e0199126. 10.1371/journal.pone.0199126. ABSTRACT
(1041) Assessing the Release of Copper from Nanocopper-treated and Conventional Copper-treated Lumber into Marine Waters II: Forms and Bioavailability. Request Only. 2018. AN Parks, MG Cantwell, DR. Katz, MA Cashman, TP Luxton, JG Clar, MM Perron, L Portis, KT Ho, RM Burgess. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry. ABSTRACT
(1040) Assessing the Release of Copper from Nanocopper-Treated and Conventional Copper-Treated Lumber into Marine Waters I: Concentration and Rates. Request Only. 2018. AN Parks, MG Cantwell, DR Katz, MA Cashman, TP Luxton, KT Ho, RM Burgess. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry. ABSTRACT
(1039) Vertical Mixing Effects on Phytoplankton Dynamics and Organic Carbon Export in the Western Mediterranean Sea. Request Only. 2018. F Kessouri , C Ulses, C Estournel, P Marsaleix, F D’Ortenzio, T Severin, V Taillandier, P Conan. Geophysical Research: Oceans. ABSTRACT
(1038) Biogeography and genetic diversity of the atlantid heteropods. Request Only. 2018. D Wall-Palmer, AK Burridge, E Goetze, F R Stokvis, AW Janssen, L Mekkes, M Moreno-Alcántara, N Bednaršek , T Schiøtte, MV Sørensen, CW Smart, KTCA Peijnenburg. Elsevier. Progress in Oceanography 160 (2018) 1–25. ABSTRACT
(1037) Influence of bacteria on shell dissolution in dead gastropod larvae and adult Limacina helicina pteropods under ocean acidification conditions. Request Only. 2018. AR Bausch, MA Gallego, J Harianto, P Thibodeau, N Bednaršek, JN Havenhand, Terrie Klinger. Marine Biology 165:40. ABSTRACT
(1036) A freshwater conservation blueprint for California: prioritizing watersheds for freshwater biodiversity. 2018. JK Howard, KA Fesenmyer, TE Grantham, JH Viers, PR Odes, PB Moyle, SJ Kupferburg, JL Furnish, A Rehn, J Slusark, RD Mazor, NR Santos, RA Peek, AN Wright. Freshwater Science DOI:10.1086/697996. ABSTRACT