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(0868) Getting ocean acidification on decision makers’ to-do lists: Dissecting the process through case studies. 2015. SR Cooley, EB Jewett, J Reichert, L Robbins, G Shrestha, D Wieczorek, SB Weisberg. Oceanography 28(2):198–211, ABSTRACT
(0867) Ocean acidification science needs for natural resource managers of the North American west coast. 2015. AB Boehm, MZ Jacobson, MJ O’Donnell, M Sutula, WW Wakefield, SB Weisberg, E Whiteman. Oceanography 28(2):170–181, ABSTRACT
(0866) Core principles of the California Current Acidification Network: Linking chemistry, physics, and ecological effects. . 2015. K McLaughlin , SB Weisberg, AG Dickson, GE Hofmann , JA Newton , D Aseltine-Neilson, A Barton, S Cudd, RA Feely, IW Jefferds, EB Jewett, T King, CJ Langdon, S McAfee, D Pleschner-Steele, B Steele . Oceanography 28(2):160–169, ABSTRACT
(0865) Impacts of coastal acidification on the Pacific Northwest shellfish industry and adaptation strategies implemented in response. 2015. A Barton, GG Waldbusser, RA Feely, SB Weisberg, JA Newton, B Hales, S Cudd, B Eudeline, CJ Langdon, I Jefferds, T King, A Suhrbier, K McLaughlin. Oceanography 28(2):146-159, ABSTRACT
(0851) Wetland Ecogenomics – The Next Generation of Wetland Biodiversity and Functional Assessment. Request Only. 2015. J F Gibson, ED Stein, DJ Baird, CM Finlayson, X Zhang, M Hajibabaei. 0851. Wetland Science and Practice March 2015. ABSTRACT
(0850) Transcriptomic Effects-Based Monitoring for Endocrine Active Chemicals: Assessing Relative Contribution of Treated Wastewater to Downstream Pollution. Request Only. 2015. D Martinovic´-Weigelt, AC Mehinto, GT Ankley, ND Denslow, LB Barber, KE Lee, RJ King, HL Schoenfuss, AL Schroeder, DL Villeneuve. Environmental Science & Technology ABSTRACT
(0848) Using performance reference compound-corrected polyethylene passive samplers and caged bivalves to measure hydrophobic contaminants of concern in urban coastal seawaters. Request Only. 2015. AS Joyce, MS Pirogovsky, RG Adams, W Lao, D Tsukada, CL Cash, JF Hawa, KA Maruya. Chemosphere 127:10–17. ABSTRACT
(0847) Nontargeted Biomonitoring of Halogenated Organic Compounds in Two Ecotypes of Bottlenose Dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) from the Southern California Bight. Request Only. 2015. NJ Shaul, NG Dodder, LI Aluwihare, SA Mackintosh, KA Maruya, SJ Chivers, K Danil, DW Weller, E Hoh. Environmental Science & Technology DOI: 10.1021/es505156q. ABSTRACT
(0845) Correspondence of biological condition models of California streams at statewide and regional scales . Request Only. 2015. JT May, LR Brown, AC Rehn, IR Waite, PR. Ode, RD Mazor, KC Schiff. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 187:4086. ABSTRACT
(0843) Governance issues in developing and implementing offsets for water management benefits: Can preliminary evaluation guide implementation effectiveness?. Request Only. 2015. DL Feldman, A Sengupta, L Stuvick, E Stein, V Pettigrove, M Arora. 0843. Water doi: 10.1002/wat2.1061. ABSTRACT