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(0820) Development, Comparison, and Validation Using ELISAs for the Determination of Domoic Acid in California Sea Lion Body Fluids. Request Only. 2014. EL Seubert, MDA Howard, RM Kudela, TN Stewart, RW Litaker, R Evans, DA Caron. Journal of the Association of Official Analytical Chemists 97:345-355. ABSTRACT
(0819) Calculating the diffusive flux of persistent organic pollutants between sediments and the water column on the Palos Verdes Shelf Superfund Site using polymeric passive samplers. Request Only. 2014. LA Fernandez, W Lao, KA Maruya, RM Burgess. Environmental Science & Technology 48:3925-3934. ABSTRACT
(0814) Detection limits and cost comparisons of human-and gull-associated conventional and quantitative PCR assays in artificial and environmental waters. Request Only. 2014. TE Riedel, AG Zimmer-Faust, V Thulsiraj, T Madi, KT Hanley, DL Ebentier, M Byappanahalli, B Layton, M Raith, AB Boehm, JF Griffith, PA Holden, OC Shanks, SB Weisberg, JA Jay. Journal of Environmental Management 136:112-120. ABSTRACT
(0813) Integrating intermittent streams into watershed assessments: applicability of an index of biotic integrity. 2014. RD Mazor, ED Stein, PR Ode, K Schiff. Freshwater Science DOI 10.1086/675683. ABSTRACT
(0811) Cryptic biodiversity in streams: a comparison of macroinvertebrate communities based on morphological and DNA barcode identifications. 2014. JK Jackson, JM Battle, BP White, EM Pilgrim, ED Stein, PE Miller, BW Sweeney. Freshwater Science 33:312-324. ABSTRACT
(0810) Anthropogenic nutrient sources rival natural sources on small scales in the coastal waters of the Southern California Bight. Request Only. 2014. MDA Howard, M Sutula, DA Caron, Y Chao, JD Farrara, H Frenzel, B Jones, G Robertson, K McLaughlin, A Sengupta. Limnology and Oceanography 59:285–297. ABSTRACT
(0808) Comparison of four species-delimitation methods applied to a DNA barcode data set of insect larvae for use in routine bioassessment. 2014. BP White, EM Pilgrim, LM Boykin, ED Stein, RD Mazor. Freshwater Science 33:338-348. ABSTRACT
(0803) Does DNA barcoding improve performance of traditional stream bioassessment metrics?. 2014. ED Stein, BP White, RD Mazor, JK Jackson, JM Battle, PE Miller, EM Pilgrim, BW Sweeney. Freshwater Science 33:302-311. ABSTRACT


(0812) Towards establishing a human fecal contamination index in microbial source tracking. Request Only. 2013. Y Cao, C Hagedorn, OC Shanks, D Wang, J Ervin, JF Griffith, BA Layton, CD McGee, TE Riedel, SB Weisberg. International Journal of Chemical and Environmental Engineering Systems 4:46-58. ABSTRACT
(0809) Seasonal climatologies of oxygen and phosphates in the Bering Sea reconstructed by variational data assimilation approach. Request Only. 2013. G Panteleev, V Luchin, NP Nezlin, T Kikuchi. Elsevier. Polar Science 7:214-232. ABSTRACT