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(0848) Using performance reference compound-corrected polyethylene passive samplers and caged bivalves to measure hydrophobic contaminants of concern in urban coastal seawaters. Request Only. 2015. AS Joyce, MS Pirogovsky, RG Adams, W Lao, D Tsukada, CL Cash, JF Hawa, KA Maruya. Chemosphere 127:10–17. ABSTRACT
(0847) Nontargeted Biomonitoring of Halogenated Organic Compounds in Two Ecotypes of Bottlenose Dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) from the Southern California Bight. Request Only. 2015. NJ Shaul, NG Dodder, LI Aluwihare, SA Mackintosh, KA Maruya, SJ Chivers, K Danil, DW Weller, E Hoh. Environmental Science & Technology DOI: 10.1021/es505156q. ABSTRACT
(0845) Correspondence of biological condition models of California streams at statewide and regional scales . Request Only. 2015. JT May, LR Brown, AC Rehn, IR Waite, PR. Ode, RD Mazor, KC Schiff. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 187:4086. ABSTRACT
(0843) Governance issues in developing and implementing offsets for water management benefits: Can preliminary evaluation guide implementation effectiveness?. Request Only. 2015. DL Feldman, A Sengupta, L Stuvick, E Stein, V Pettigrove, M Arora. 0843. Water doi: 10.1002/wat2.1061. ABSTRACT
(0842) A tiered assessment framework to evaluate human health risk of contaminated sediment. Request Only. 2015. BK. Greenfield, AR Melwani, SM Bay. School of Public Health, University of California-Berkeley. Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management 10.1002/ieam.1610. ABSTRACT
(0839) Effect of ecological group classification schemes on performance of the AMBI benthic index in US coastal waters. Request Only. 2015. DJ Gillett, SB Weisberg, T Grayson, A Hamilton, V Hansen, EW Leppo, MC Pelletier, A Borja, D Cadien, D Dauer, R Diaz, M Dutch, JL Hyland, M Kellogg , PF Larsen, JS Levinton, R Llansó, LL Lovell, PA Montagna, D Pasko, CA Phillips, C Rakocinski, JA Ranasinghe, DM Sanger, H Teixeira, RF Van Dolah, RG Velarde, KI Welch. Ecological Indicators 50:99-107. ABSTRACT


(0846) Correlation of gene expression and contaminant concentrations in wild largescale suckers: A field-based study. Request Only. 2014. HE Christiansen, AC Mehinto, F Yuc, RW Perry, ND Denslow, AG Maule, MG Mesa. Science of the Total Environment 484:379–389. ABSTRACT
(0841) Droplet digital PCR for simultaneous quantification of general and human-associated fecal indicators for water quality assessment. Request Only. 2014. Y Cao, MR Raith, JF Griffith. Water Research 70(2015):337-349. ABSTRACT
(0840) An assessment of the transport of southern California stormwater ocean discharges . Request Only. 2014. PA Rogowski, E Terrill , K Schiff, SY Kim. Elsevier. Marine Pollution Bulletin ABSTRACT
(0838) Small Drains, Big Problems: The Impact of Dry Weather Runoff on Shoreline Water Quality at Enclosed Beaches. Request Only. 2014. MA Rippy, R Stein, BF Sanders, K Davis, K McLaughlin, JF Skinner, J Kappeler, SB Grant. Environmental Science & Technology ABSTRACT