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(0900) Are Harmful Algal Blooms Becoming the Greatest Inland Water Quality Threat to Public Health and Aquatic Ecosystems. Request Only. 2016. BW Brooks, JM Lazorchak, MDA Howard, MVV Johnson, SL Morton, DAK Perkins, ED Reavie, GI Scott, SA Smith, JA Steevens. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 35(1):6-13. ABSTRACT
(0893) Ecotoxicogenomics: Microarray interlaboratory comparability. Request Only. 2016. DE Vidal-Dorsch, SM Bay, S Moore, B Layton, AC Mehinto, CD Vulpe, M Brown-Augustine, A Loguinov, H Poynton, N Garcia-Reyero, EJ Perkins, L Escalon, ND Denslow, CR Colli-Dula, T Doan, S Shukradas, J Bruno, L Brown , G Van Agglen, P Jackman, M Bauer. Chemosphere 144:193-200. ABSTRACT
(0889) Bioassessment in complex environments: designing an index for consistent meaning in different settings. 2016. RD Mazor, AC Rehn, PR Ode, M Engeln, KC Schiff, ED Stein, DJ Gillett, DB Herbst, CP Hawkins. Freshwater Science DOI: 10.1086/684130. ABSTRACT
(0886) Evaluating the adequacy of a reference-site pool for ecological assessments in environmentally complex regions. 2016. PR Ode, AC Rehn, RD Mazor, KC. Schiff, ED Stein, JT May , LR Brown, DB Herbst, D Gillett, K Lunde, CP Hawkins. Freshwater Science DOI10.1086/684003. ABSTRACT


(0898) The Monitoring of Harmful Algal Bloomsthrough Ocean Observing: The Development of the California Harmful Algal Bloom Monitoring and Alert Program. Request Only. 2015. RM Kudela, A Bickel, ML Carter, MDA Howard, L Rosenfeld. pp. 58-75 in: Coastal Ocean Observing Systems. Y Liu, H Kerkering, RH Weisbert (eds.). Academic Press. Boston, MA.. ABSTRACT
(0897) Subsurface seeding of surface harmful algal blooms observed through the integration of autonomous gliders, moored environmental sample processors, and satellite remote sensing in southern California. Request Only. 2015. BN Seegers, JM Birch, R Marin III, CA Scholin, DA Caron, EL Seubert, MDA Howard, GL Robertson , BH Jones. LIMNOLOGY and OCEANOGRAPHY doi: 10.1002/lno.10082. ABSTRACT
(0896) A Tiered, Integrated Biological and Chemical Monitoring Framework for Contaminants of Emerging Concern in Aquatic Ecosystems. Request Only. 2015. KA Maruya, NG Dodder, AC Mehinto, ND Denslow, D Schlenk, SA Snyder, SB Weisberg. Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management DOI: 10.1002/ieam.1702. ABSTRACT
(0894) Effects of a pesticide and a parasite on neurological, endocrine, and behavioral responses of an estuarine fish. Request Only. 2015. V Compton Renick, K Weinersmith, DE Vidal-Dorsch, TW Anderson. Aquatic Toxicology ABSTRACT
(0892) Fish Consumption as a Driver of Risk-Management Decisions and Human Health–Based Water Quality Criteria. Request Only. 2015. N Judd, Y Lowney, P Anderson, S Baird, SM Bay , J Breidt, M Buonanduci, Z Dong, D Essig, MR Garry, RC Jim, G Kirkwood, S Moore, C Niemi, R O’Rourke, B Ruffle, LA Schaider, DE Vidal-Dorsch. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 34(11):2427-2436. ABSTRACT
(0891) Screening Assessment of Cyanobacteria and Cyanotoxins in Southern California Lentic Habitats. 2015. T Magrann, MDA Howard , M Sutula, DS Boskovic, WK Hayes, SG Dunbar. Macrothink Institute Environmental Management and Sustainable Development 4(2):91-111. ABSTRACT