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(0893) Ecotoxicogenomics: Microarray interlaboratory comparability. Request Only. 2016. DE Vidal-Dorsch, SM Bay, S Moore, B Layton, AC Mehinto, CD Vulpe, M Brown-Augustine, A Loguinov, H Poynton, N Garcia-Reyero, EJ Perkins, L Escalon, ND Denslow, CR Colli-Dula, T Doan, S Shukradas, J Bruno, L Brown , G Van Agglen, P Jackman, M Bauer. Chemosphere 144:193-200. ABSTRACT
(0889) Bioassessment in complex environments: designing an index for consistent meaning in different settings. 2016. RD Mazor, AC Rehn, PR Ode, M Engeln, KC Schiff, ED Stein, DJ Gillett, DB Herbst, CP Hawkins. Freshwater Science DOI: 10.1086/684130. ABSTRACT
(0886) Evaluating the adequacy of a reference-site pool for ecological assessments in environmentally complex regions. 2016. PR Ode, AC Rehn, RD Mazor, KC. Schiff, ED Stein, JT May , LR Brown, DB Herbst, D Gillett, K Lunde, CP Hawkins. Freshwater Science DOI10.1086/684003. ABSTRACT


(0896) A Tiered, Integrated Biological and Chemical Monitoring Framework for Contaminants of Emerging Concern in Aquatic Ecosystems. Request Only. 2015. KA Maruya, NG Dodder, AC Mehinto, ND Denslow, D Schlenk, SA Snyder, SB Weisberg. Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management DOI: 10.1002/ieam.1702. ABSTRACT
(0894) Effects of a pesticide and a parasite on neurological, endocrine, and behavioral responses of an estuarine fish. Request Only. 2015. V Compton Renick, K Weinersmith, DE Vidal-Dorsch, TW Anderson. Aquatic Toxicology ABSTRACT
(0892) Fish Consumption as a Driver of Risk-Management Decisions and Human Health–Based Water Quality Criteria. Request Only. 2015. N Judd, Y Lowney, P Anderson, S Baird, SM Bay , J Breidt, M Buonanduci, Z Dong, D Essig, MR Garry, RC Jim, G Kirkwood, S Moore, C Niemi, R O’Rourke, B Ruffle, LA Schaider, DE Vidal-Dorsch. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 34(11):2427-2436. ABSTRACT
(0891) Screening Assessment of Cyanobacteria and Cyanotoxins in Southern California Lentic Habitats. 2015. T Magrann, MDA Howard , M Sutula, DS Boskovic, WK Hayes, SG Dunbar. Macrothink Institute Environmental Management and Sustainable Development 4(2):91-111. ABSTRACT
(0890) Southern California Bight regional monitoring. 2015. K Schiff, D Greenstein, N Dodder, D Gillett. Regional Studies in Marine Science ABSTRACT
(0888) Wadeable streams as widespread sources of benthic cyanotoxins in California, USA. Request Only. 2015. AE Fetscher, MDA Howard , R Stancheva, RM Kudela, ED Stein, MA Sutula, LB Busse, RG Sheath. Harmful Algae 49:105–116. ABSTRACT
(0885) Impact of Stormwater Discharges on Water Quality in Coastal Marine Protected Areas. Request Only. 2015. K Schiff, B Luk, D Gregorio. Water Environment Research 87(9):772-782. ABSTRACT