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(1019) Tools for managing hydrologic alteration on a regional scale: Estimating changes in flow characteristics at ungauged sites. 2018. A Sengupta, SK Adams, BP Bledsoe, KS McCune, RD Mazor. Freshwater Biology DOI:10.1111/fwb.13074. ABSTRACT
(1018) Water Quality Trends Following Anomalous Phosphorus Inputs to Grand Bay, Mississippi, USA. 2018. MW Beck, K Cressman, C Griffin, J Caffrey. Gulf and Caribbean Research 29:1-14. ABSTRACT
(1017) Spatial and Temporal Patterns of Chlorophyll Concentration in the Southern California Bight. 2018. NP Nezlin, K McLaughlin, JAT Booth, CL Clash, DW Diehl, KA Davis, A Felt, R Goericke, JR Gully, MDA Howard, S Johnson, A Latker, MJ Mengel, GL Robertson, A Steele, L Terriquez, L Washburn, SB Weisberg. Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans DOI:10.1002/2017JC013324. ABSTRACT
(1016) Nitrogen and Phosphorus Budgets in the Northwestern Mediterranean Deep Convection Region. 2018. F Kessouri, C Ulses, C Estournel, P Marsaleix, T Severin, M Pujo-Pay, J Caparros, P Raimbault, O Pasqueron de Fommervault, F D'Ortenzio, V Taillandier, P Testor, P Conan. Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans 122:9429-9454 . ABSTRACT
(1015) Tools for managing hydrologic alteration on a regional scale: Setting targets to protect stream health. 2018. RD Mazor, JT May, A Sengupta, KS McCune, BP Bledsoe, ED Stein. Freshwater Biology DOI:10.1111/fwb.13062. ABSTRACT
(1013) Enantiomer-Specific Measurements of Current-Use Pesticides in Aquatic Systems. 2018. EM Ulrich, PL TenBrook, LM McMillan, Q Wang, W Lao. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 37:99-106. ABSTRACT
(1008) A human fecal contamination score for ranking recreational sites using the HF183/BacR287 quantitative real-time PCR method. 2018. Y Cao, M Sivaganesan, CA Kelty, D Wang, A Boehm, JF Griffith, SB Weisberg, OC Shanks. Water Research 128:148-156. ABSTRACT
(1006) Predicting Hydromodification in Streams using Non-Linear Memory Based Algorithms. A Southern California case study. 2018. A Sengupta, RJ Hawley, ED Stein. Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management. doi: 10.1061/(ASCE)WR.1943-5452.0000853. ABSTRACT


(1009) An evaluation of potentiometric pH sensors in coastal monitoring applications. 2017. K McLaughlin, NP Nezlin, SB Weisberg, AG Dickson, JA Booth, CL Cash, A Feit, JR Gully, S Johnson, A Latker, MJ Mengel, GL Robertson, A Steele, L Terriquez. Limnology and Oceaqnography: Methods. 15:679-689. ABSTRACT
(1007) Child environmental exposures to water and sand at the beach: Findings from studies of over 68,000 subjects at 12 beaches. 2017. S DeFlorio-Barker, BF Arnold, EA Sams, AP Dufour, JM Colford, Jr., SB Weisberg, KC Schiff, TJ Wade. Journal of Exposure Science and Environmental Epidemiology. doi:10.1038/jes.2017.23. ABSTRACT