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Links to external media coverage of SCCWRP activities

  • SCCWRP recipient of Earth Day award

    June 27, 2014: The Southern California Coastal Water Research Project (SCCWRP) recently received an award honoring our accomplishments in coastal environmental protection from Philadelphia Insurance Companies (PHLY). Each year PHLY staff celebrates Earth Day by awarding money to help support an organization whose mission focuses on improving the natural environment. SCCWRP was nominated by the insurance company’s local office, which handles our account. For more information, please contact SCCWRP’s Administrative Officer Bryan Nece.

  • SCCWRP recognized by Orange County Sanitation District on their 60th anniversary

    May 14, 2014: In 2014, the Orange County Sanitation District (OCSD) is celebrating 60 years of service to the residents and businesses of Orange County, California. Special activities throughout the year to mark the occasion will include board member and elected official recognition events, a salute to sister agencies and community partners, staff appreciation events, and media outreach. Formed in 1954, OCSD was one of SCCWRP’s founding member agencies in 1969. They will recognize SCCWRP as a key and valued partner in service to the community at the Board of Directors meeting on May 28. Dr. Steve Weisberg, SCCWRP’s Executive Director, will attend the celebration to accept a Commendation of Appreciation.

  • West Coast Ocean Data Portal receives award

    May 14, 2014: Dr. Steven Steinberg, the head of SCCWRP’s Information Management and Analysis Department, also serves as Co-Chair of the West Coast Ocean Data Portal Action Coordination Team. The West Coast Ocean Data Portal is a project of the West Coast Governors Alliance on Ocean Health (WCGA) to better inform regional resource management, policy development, and ocean planning. Launched in January 2014, the collaborative Portal involves dozens of state and federal agencies, organizations, and tribes from the West Coast. Last week, the WCGA was selected from among more than 100,000 nominees to receive the Oceans Special Achievement in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) or SAG award from Esri, an industry-leading GIS software company, in recognition of their leadership, outstanding work with GIS technology, and innovation in advancing ocean health and awareness. Representatives from the WCGA will receive the award at Esri’s International User Conference in July 2014. Previous winners of this award include the Duke University Marine Geospatial Ecology Lab and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Biogeography Program. For more information, please contact Dr. Steinberg.

  • Former SCCWRP “surf scientist” Terry Hendricks honored by community

    May 05, 2014: Dr. Tareah J. Hendricks, a physicist and oceanographer who worked at SCCWRP for 23 years, passed away in June 2013. Remembered for his surfing prowess, knowledge of surf science, and kneeboard and surfboard design, a paddle-out honoring Hendricks last summer drew more than 150 people. This year, a plaque dedicated to Hendricks was embedded in the Swami’s Beach walkway in Hendrick’s hometown of Encinitas. Hendricks began working part-time at SCCWRP in December 1970 and exited as the lead oceanography scientist in December 1993. Prior to joining SCCWRP, he obtained his BS degree from the University of California at Berkeley with "highest honors" in physics and a PhD from the University of California at San Diego as a National Science Foundation fellow in 1967. His research at SCCWRP involved modeling contaminant dispersion from outfalls, sediment movement, and current velocity in the nearshore shelf and submarine canyons. For more information on former SCCWRP staff members, please visit: