DNA Barcoding Specimen Preparation

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DNA barcoding specimen preparation training held May 24, 2010
Participants were trained on the steps that go into preparing voucher specimens (i.e., traditional taxonomy, tissue sample, photography, and uploading data to the database)
Dr. Peter Miller, Ananda Ranasinghe, and Valerie Raco-Rands of SCCWRP helped organize the event
SCAMIT is dedicated to promoting the study of marine invertebrate taxonomy and developing regional standards
96 voucher specimens were prepared for the DNA barcoding reference library
Participants came from LACSD, the City of San Diego, City of Los Angeles, Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, Orange County Sanitation District, and Moss Landing Marine Laboratories
Barcoding specimen preparation training
The workshop was hosted by the Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts (LACSD)
The event was organized by the Southern California Association of Marine Invertebrate Taxonomists
Please credit images to SCCWRP.