Recent Publications

Journal Articles


(0845) Correspondence of biological condition models of California streams at statewide and regional scales . Request Only. 2015. JT May, LR Brown, AC Rehn, IR Waite, PR. Ode, RD Mazor, KC Schiff. Environ Monit Assess 187:4086. ABSTRACT
(0843) Governance issues in developing and implementing offsets for water management benefits: Can preliminary evaluation guide implementation effectiveness?. Request Only. 2015. DL Feldman, A Sengupta, L Stuvick, E Stein, V Pettigrove, M Arora. 0843. Water doi: 10.1002/wat2.1061. ABSTRACT
(0842) A tiered assessment framework to evaluate human health risk of contaminated sediment. Request Only. 2015. BK. Greenfield, AR Melwani, SM Bay. School of Public Health, University of California-Berkeley. Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management 10.1002/ieam.1610. ABSTRACT
(0839) Effect of ecological group classification schemes on performance of the AMBI benthic index in US coastal waters. Request Only. 2015. DJ Gillett, SB Weisberg, T Grayson, A Hamilton, V Hansen, EW Leppo, MC Pelletier, A Borja, D Cadien, D Dauer, R Diaz, M Dutch, JL Hyland, M Kellogg , PF Larsen, JS Levinton, R Llansó, LL Lovell, PA Montagna, D Pasko, CA Phillips, C Rakocinski, JA Ranasinghe, DM Sanger, H Teixeira, RF Van Dolah, RG Velarde, KI Welch. Ecological Indicators 50:99-107. ABSTRACT


(0841) Droplet digital PCR for simultaneous quantification of general and human-associated fecal indicators for water quality assessment. Request Only. 2014. Y Cao, MR Raith, JF Griffith. Water Research 70(2015):337-349. ABSTRACT
(0840) An assessment of the transport of southern California stormwater ocean discharges . Request Only. 2014. PA Rogowski, E Terrill , K Schiff, SY Kim. Elsevier. Marine Pollution Bulletin ABSTRACT
(0838) Small Drains, Big Problems: The Impact of Dry Weather Runoff on Shoreline Water Quality at Enclosed Beaches. Request Only. 2014. MA Rippy, R Stein, BF Sanders, K Davis, K McLaughlin, JF Skinner, J Kappeler, SB Grant. Environmental Science & Technology ABSTRACT

Technical Reports


(0834) Linking Nutrients to Alterations in Aquatic Life in California Wadeable Streams. 2014. E Fetscher , M Sutula, A Sengupta, N Detenbeck. 0834. ABSTRACT
(0833) California Aquatic Resources Status and Trends Program: Mapping Methodology. 2014. ED Stein, J Brown, K Cayce, M Klatt, M Salomon, P Pendleton, S Dark, K O’Connor, C Endris. Technical Report 833. ABSTRACT
(0831) Northern San Diego County Lagoons: Historical Ecology Investigation. 2014. E Beller, S Baumgarten, R Grossinger, T Longcore, ED Stein, S Dark, S Dusterhoff. Technical Report 831. ABSTRACT
(0830) Science Supporting Dissolved Oxygen Objectives for Suisun Marsh . 2014. H Bailey, C Curran, S Poucher2, M Sutula. 0830. ABSTRACT
(0829) Modeling in Support of Management of Coastal Hypoxia and Acidification in the California Current Ecosystem. 2014. M Sutula, M Howard, L Crowder, S McAfee. Technical Report 829. ABSTRACT
(0828) Southern California Stormwater Monitoring Coalition 2014 Research Agenda. 2014. K Schiff, ED Stein, S Aminzadeh, A Boehm, G Hildebrand, L Honeybourne, I Nasseri, P Ode, S Taylor, D Senn, J Smith, C Sommers, E Strecker. Technical Report 828. ABSTRACT