Recent Publications

Journal Articles


(0827) Patterns and potential drivers of declining oxygen content along the Southern California coast. Request Only. 2014. JAT Booth, CB Woodson, M Sutula, F Micheli, SB Weisberg, SJ Bograd, A Steele, J Schoen, LB Crowder. Limnology and Oceanography 59:1127–1138. doi:10.4319/lo.2014.59.4.1127. ABSTRACT
(0825) Effect of submarine groundwater discharge on bacterial indicators and swimmer health at Avalon Beach, CA, USA. Request Only. 2014. VM Yau, KC Schiff, BF Arnold, JF Griffith, JS Gruber, CC Wright, TJ Wade, S Burns, JM Hayes, C McGee, M Gold, Y Cao, AB Boehm, SB Weisberg, JM Colford Jr. Water Research 59:23-36. doi:10.1016/j.watres.2014.03.050. ABSTRACT
(0824) Which coastal and marine environmental contaminants are truly emerging?. Request Only. 2014. KA Maruya, NG Dodder, CL Tang, W Lao, D Tsukada. Environmental Science and Pollution Research doi:10.1007/s11356-014-2856-1. ABSTRACT
(0823) Is DNA Barcoding Actually Cheaper and Faster than Traditional Morphological Methods? Results from a Survey of Freshwater Bioassessment Efforts in the United States. 2014. ED Stein, MC Martinez, S Stiles, PE Miller, EV Zakharov. PLoS ONE 9:e95525. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0095525. ABSTRACT
(0822) Biological responses of marine flatfish exposed to municipal wastewater effluent. Request Only. 2014. DE Vidal- Dorsch, SM Bay, DJ Greenstein, ME Baker, G Hardiman, JA Reyes, KM Kelley, D Schlenk. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 33:583-591. doi:10.1002/etc.2466. ABSTRACT
(0821) Gene networks and toxicity pathways induced by acute cadmium exposure in adult largemouth bass (Micropterus salmoides). Request Only. 2014. AC Mehinto, MS Prucha, RC Colli-Dula, KJ Kroll, CM Lavelle, DS Barber, CD Vulpe, ND Denslow. Aquatic Toxicology 152C:186-194. doi:10.1016/j.aquatox.2014.04.004. ABSTRACT
(0820) Development, Comparison, and Validation Using ELISAs for the Determination of Domoic Acid in California Sea Lion Body Fluids. Request Only. 2014. EL Seubert, MDA Howard, RM Kudela, TN Stewart, RW Litaker, R Evans, DA Caron. Journal of the Association of Official Analytical Chemists 97:345-355. doi:10.5740/jaoacint.SGESeubert. ABSTRACT

Technical Reports


(0833) California Aquatic Resources Status and Trends Program: Mapping Methodology. 2014. ED Stein, J Brown, K Cayce, M Klatt, M Salomon, P Pendleton, S Dark, K O’Connor, C Endris. Technical Report 833. ABSTRACT
(0831) Northern San Diego County Lagoons: Historical Ecology Investigation. 2014. E Beller, S Baumgarten, R Grossinger, T Longcore, ED Stein, S Dark, S Dusterhoff. Technical Report 831. ABSTRACT
(0829) Modeling in Support of Management of Coastal Hypoxia and Acidification in the California Current Ecosystem. 2014. M Sutula, M Howard, L Crowder, S McAfee. Technical Report 829. ABSTRACT
(0828) Southern California Stormwater Monitoring Coalition 2014 Research Agenda. 2014. K Schiff, ED Stein, S Aminzadeh, A Boehm, G Hildebrand, L Honeybourne, I Nasseri, P Ode, S Taylor, D Senn, J Smith, C Sommers, E Strecker. Technical Report 828. ABSTRACT
(0826) Wetlands of the Southern California Coast: Historical Extent and Change Over Time. 2014. ED Stein, K Cayce, M Salomon, DL Bram, D De Mello, R Grossinger, S Dark. Technical Report 826. ABSTRACT
(0818) Characterization of the Rocky Intertidal Ecological Communities Associated with Southern California Areas of Special Biological Significance: Phase II. 2014. P Raimondi. Technical Report 818. Southern California Coastal Water Research Project. Costa Mesa, CA. ABSTRACT
(0817) Assessing Areas of Special Biological Significance Exposure to Stormwater Plumes Using a Surface Transport Model. 2014. P Rogowski, E Terrill, L Hazard, K Schiff. Technical Report 817. Southern California Coastal Water Research Project. Costa Mesa, CA. ABSTRACT