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(0783) Molecular analysis of endocrine disruption in hornyhead turbot at wastewater outfalls in southern California using a second generation multi-species microarray. 2013. ME Baker, DE Vidal-Dorsch, C Ribecco, LJ Sprague, M Angert, N Lekmine, C Ludka, A Martella, E Ricciardelli, SM Bay, JR Gully, KM Kelley, C Schlenk, O Carnevali, R Sasik, G Hardiman. PLoS ONE 8:e75553. ABSTRACT
(0772) Genomic and phenotypic response of hornyhead turbot exposed to municipal wastewater effluents. Request Only. 2013. DE Vidal-Dorsch, SM Bay, C Ribecco, LJ Sprague, M Angert, C Ludka, E Ricciardelli, O Carnevali, DJ Greenstein, D Schlenk, KM Kelley, JA Reyes, S Snyder, B Vanderford, LC Wiborg, D Petschauer, R Sasik, M Baker, G Hardiman. Aquatic Research 140-141:174-184. ABSTRACT


(0747) Integrated coastal effects study: synthesis of findings. Request Only. 2012. SM Bay, DE Vidal-Dorsch, D Schlenk, KM Kelley, KA Maruya, JR Gully. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 31:2711–2722. ABSTRACT
(0745) Evaluation of reproductive endocrine status in hornyhead turbot sampled from southern California’s urbanized coastal environments. Request Only. 2012. JA Reyes, DE Vidal-Dorsch, D Schlenk, SM Bay, JL Armstrong, JR Gully, C Cash, M Baker, TD Stebbins, G Hardiman, KM Kelley. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 31:2689-2700. ABSTRACT
(0744) Annual and seasonal evaluation of reproductive status of hornyhead turbot at municipal wastewater outfalls in the Southern California Bight. Request Only. 2012. KL Forsgren, SM Bay, DE Vidal-Dorsch, X Deng, G Lu, J Armstrong, JR Gully, D Schlenk. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 31:2701-2710. ABSTRACT
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