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(0599) Impacts of stormwater runoff in the Southern California Bight: Relationships among plume constituents. Request Only. 2009. KM Reifel, SC Johnson, PM DiGiacomo, MJ Mengel, NP Nezlin, JA Warrick, BH Jones. Continental Shelf Research 29:1821-1835. ABSTRACT


(0531) River plume patterns and dynamics within the Southern California Bight. Request Only. 2007. JA Warrick, PM DiGiacomo, SB Weisberg, NP Nezlin, M Mengel, BH Jones, JC Ohlmann, L Washburn, EJ Terrill, KL Farnsworth. Continental Shelf Research 27:2427-2448. ABSTRACT


(0459) Coastal water quality impact of stormwater runoff from an urban watershed in southern California. 2005. JH Ahn, SB Grant, CQ Surbeck, PM Digiacomo, NP Nezlin, S Jiang. Environmental Science and Technology 39:5940-5953. PREVIEW
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