Journal Articles


(0778) Nitrogen-fixing cyanobacteria (free-living and diatom endosymbionts): their use in southern California stream bioassessment. 2013. R Stancheva, RG Sheath, BA Read, KD McArthur, C Schroepfer, JP Kociolek, AE Fetscher. Hydrobiologia 720:111-127. ABSTRACT
(0776) Development and comparison of stream indices of biotic integrity using diatoms vs. non-diatom algae vs. a combination. Request Only. 2013. AE Fetscher, R Stancheva, JP Kociolek, RG Sheath, ED Stein, RD Mazor, PR Ode, LB Busse. Journal of Applied Phycology 26:433-450. ABSTRACT
(0754) Reach-scale geomorphic and biological effects of localized streambank armoring. Request Only. 2013. ED Stein, MR Cover, AE Fetscher, C O’Reilly, R Guardado, CW Solek. Journal of the American Water Resources Association 49:780-792. ABSTRACT


(0691) A novel quantification method for stream-inhabiting, non-diatom benthic algae, and its application in bioassessment. Request Only. 2012. R Stancheva, AE Fetscher, RG Sheath. Hydrobiologia 684:225-239. ABSTRACT

Technical Reports


(0781) Condition of California perennial wadeable streams based on algal indicators. 2013. AE Fetscher, M Sutula, LB Busse, ED Stein. Technical Report 0781. Southern California Coastal Water Research Project. Costa Mesa, CA. ABSTRACT
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