Journal Articles


(0807) The use of sediment toxicity identification evaluation methods to evaluate clean up targets in an urban estuary. Request Only. 2013. DJ Greenstein, SM Bay, DL Young, S Asato, KA Maruya, W Lao. Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management 10:260–268. ABSTRACT


(0705) Pyrethroids in southern California coastal sediments. Request Only. 2012. W Lao, LL Tiefenthaler, DJ Greenstein, KA Maruya, SM Bay, K Ritter, KC Schiff. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 31:1649-1656. ABSTRACT


(0609) Analysis, occurrence, and toxic potential of pyrethroids, and fibronil in sediments from an urban estuary. 2010. W Lao, D Tsukada, DJ Greenstein, SM Bay, KA Maruya. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 29:843-851. ABSTRACT PREVIEW

Technical Reports


(0634) Toxicity Identification Evaluation of Sediment (Sediment TIE) in Ballona Creek Estuary: Final Report. 2010. SM Bay, DJ Greenstein, KA Maruya, W Lao. Technical Report 634. Southern California Coastal Water Research Project. Costa Mesa, CA. ABSTRACT PREVIEW


(0403) Organophosphorus pesticides in the Malibu Creek watershed. 2003. SM Bay, JS Brown. Technical Report 403. Southern California Coastal Water Research Project. Westminster, CA. PREVIEW
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