Journal Articles


(0657) Evaluating performance of stormwater sampling approaches using a dynamic watershed model. Request Only. 2011. D Ackerman, ED Stein, KJ Ritter. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 180:283-302. ABSTRACT
(0649) Levels and patterns of fecal indicator bacteria in stormwater runoff from homogenous land use sites and urban watersheds. Request Only. 2011. LTiefenthaler, ED Stein, KC Schiff. Journal of Water and Health 9:279-290. ABSTRACT
(0642) Seasonal flushing of pollutant concentrations and loads in urban stormwater. Request Only. 2011. KC Schiff, LL Tiefenthaler. Journal of the American Water Resources Association 47:136-142. ABSTRACT


(0556) Watershed and land use-based sources of trace metals in urban stormwater. 2008. LL Tiefenthaler, ED Stein, KC Schiff. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 27:277-287. PREVIEW

Technical Reports


(0510) Sources, patterns and mechanisms of storm water pollutant loading from watersheds and land uses of the greater Los Angeles area, California, USA. 2007. ED Stein, LL Tiefenthaler, KC Schiff. Technical Report 510. Southern California Coastal Water Research Project. Costa Mesa, CA. PREVIEW
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