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Research Theme: Stormwater

In recent decades, there has been growing recognition that urban runoff may be a primary cause of degradation in streams, the coastal ocean, and other receiving water bodies. Degradation can be caused by several mechanisms, including: transfer via stormwater of contaminants that have accumulated on residential, commercial, and industrial land surfaces; contaminant transfer through dry-season runoff; direct discharge of effluent from wastewater or industrial facilities; and stream channel erosion due to greater volumes of discharged water resulting from hydromodification.

SCCWRP Research

The goal of SCCWRP's stormwater research program is to enhance understanding of the processes associated with stormwater runoff, and to develop models and other tools that can be used by managers to guide decisions about stormwater management.

Completed Research Projects

For more information on Stormwater, contact Eric Stein at (714) 755-3233.
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