Journal Articles


(0825) Effect of submarine groundwater discharge on bacterial indicators and swimmer health at Avalon Beach, CA, USA. Request Only. 2014. VM Yau, KC Schiff, BF Arnold, JF Griffith, JS Gruber, CC Wright, TJ Wade, S Burns, JM Hayes, C McGee, M Gold, Y Cao, AB Boehm, SB Weisberg, JM Colford Jr. Water Research 59:23-36. doi:10.1016/j.watres.2014.03.050. ABSTRACT


(0812) Towards establishing a human fecal contamination index in microbial source tracking. Request Only. 2013. Y Cao, C Hagedorn, OC Shanks, D Wang, J Ervin, JF Griffith, BA Layton, CD McGee, TE Riedel, SB Weisberg. International Journal of Chemical and Environmental Engineering Systems 4:46-58. ABSTRACT
(0793) Characterization of fecal concentrations in human and other animal sources by physical, culture-based, and quantitative real-time PCR methods. Request Only. 2013. JS Ervin, TL Russell, BA Layton, KM Yamahara, D Wang, LM Sassoubre, Y Cao, CA Kelty, M Sivaganesan, AB Boehm, PA Holden, SB Weisberg, OC Shanks. Water Research 47:6873-6882. ABSTRACT
(0792) Performance evaluation of canine-associated Bacteroidales assays in a multi-laboratory comparison study. Request Only. 2013. A Schriewer, KD Goodwin, CD Sinigalliano, AM Cox, D Wanless, J Bartkowiak, DL Ebentier, KT Hanley, J Ervin, LA Deering, OC Shanks, LA Peed, WG Meijer, JF Griffith, J SantoDomingo, JA Jay, PA Holden, S Wuertz. Water Research 47:6909-6920. ABSTRACT

Technical Reports


(0804) The California Microbial Source Identification Manual: A Tiered Approach to Identifying Fecal Pollution Sources to Beaches. 2013. JF Griffith, BA Layton, AB Boehm, PA Holden, JA Jay, C Hagedorn, CD McGee, SB Weisberg. Technical Report 0804. Southern California Coastal Water Research Project. Costa Mesa, CA. ABSTRACT
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