Journal Articles


(0653) Calibration and validation of the AZTI’s Marine Biotic Index (AMBI) for Southern California marine bays. Request Only. 2012. H Teixeira, SB Weisberg, A Borja, JA Ranasinghe, DB Cadien, RG Velarde, LL Lovell, D Pasko, CA Phillips, DE Montagne, KJ Ritter, F Salas, JC Marques. Ecological Indicators 12:84-95. ABSTRACT


(0612) Assessing coastal benthic macrofauna community condition using best professional judgement – Developing consensus across North America and Europe. Request Only. 2010. H Teixeira, Á Borja, SB Weisberg, JA Ranasinghe, DB Cadien, DM Dauer, J-C Dauvin, S Degraer, RJ Diaz, A Grémare, I Karakassis, RJ Llansó, LL Lovell, JC Marques, DE Montagne, A Occhipinti-Ambrogi, R Rosenberg, R Sardá, LC Schaffner, RG Velarde. Marine Pollution Bulletin 60:589-600. ABSTRACT


(0578) Assessing ecological integrity in marine waters, using multiple indices and ecosystem components: Challenges for the future. Request Only. 2009. A Borja, A Ranasinghe, SB Weisberg. Marine Pollution Bulletin 59:1-4. ABSTRACT
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