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(0819) Calculating the diffusive flux of persistent organic pollutants between sediments and the water column on the Palos Verdes Shelf Superfund Site using polymeric passive samplers. Request Only. 2014. LA Fernandez, W Lao, KA Maruya, RM Burgess. Environmental Science & Technology 48:3925-3934. doi:10.1021/es404475c. ABSTRACT
(0768) Occurrence of contaminants of emerging concern along the California coast (2009–10) using passive sampling devices. Request Only. 2014. DA Alvarez, KA Maruya, NG Dodder, W Lao, ET Furlong, KL Smalling. Marine Pollution Bulletin 81:347–354. ABSTRACT


(0806) Passive Sampling Methods for Contaminated Sediments: Practical Guidance for Selection, Calibration, and Implementation. Request Only. 2013. U Ghosh, SK Driscoll, RM Burgess, MTO Jonker, D Reible, F Gobas, Y Choi, SE Apitz, KA Maruya, WR Gala, M Mortimer, C Beegan. Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management 10:210–223. ABSTRACT
(0798) Passive sampling methods for contaminated sediments: State of the science for organic contaminants. 2013. MJ Lydy, PF Landrum, AMP Oen, M Allinson, F Smedes, AD Harwood, H Li, KA Maruya, J Liu. Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management 10:167–178. ABSTRACT
(0796) Passive sampling in contaminated sediment assessment: Building consensus to improve decision-making. Request Only. 2013. TF Parkerton, KA Maruya. Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management 10:163–166. ABSTRACT
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