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(0823) Is DNA Barcoding Actually Cheaper and Faster than Traditional Morphological Methods? Results from a Survey of Freshwater Bioassessment Efforts in the United States. 2014. ED Stein, MC Martinez, S Stiles, PE Miller, EV Zakharov. PLoS ONE 9:e95525. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0095525. ABSTRACT
(0811) Cryptic biodiversity in streams: a comparison of macroinvertebrate communities based on morphological and DNA barcode identifications. 2014. JK Jackson, JM Battle, BP White, EM Pilgrim, ED Stein, PE Miller, BW Sweeney. Freshwater Science 33:312-324. doi:10.1086/675225. ABSTRACT
(0808) Comparison of four species-delimitation methods applied to a DNA barcode data set of insect larvae for use in routine bioassessment. 2014. BP White, EM Pilgrim, LM Boykin, ED Stein, RD Mazor. Freshwater Science 33:338-348. doi:10.1086/674982. ABSTRACT
(0803) Does DNA barcoding improve performance of traditional stream bioassessment metrics?. 2014. ED Stein, BP White, RD Mazor, JK Jackson, JM Battle, PE Miller, EM Pilgrim, BW Sweeney. Freshwater Science 33:302-311. doi:10.1086/674782. ABSTRACT


(0762) Genomics in marine monitoring: New opportunities for assessing marine health status. Request Only. 2013. SJ Bourlat, A Borja, J Gilbert, MI Taylor, N Davies, SB Weisberg, JF Griffith, T Lettieri, D Field, J Benzie, FO Glöckner, N Rodríguez-Ezpeleta, DP Faith, TP Bean, M Obst. Marine Pollution Bulletin 74:19-31. ABSTRACT
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