Journal Articles


(0731) Correlation between quantitative polymerase chain reaction and culture-based methods for measuring Enterococcus over various temporal scales and three California marine beaches. Request Only. 2012. RR Converse, JF Griffith, RT Noble, RA Haugland, KC Schiff, SB Weisberg. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 78:1237-1242. ABSTRACT
(0712) Effectiveness of qPCR permutations, internal controls and dilution as means for minimizing the impact of inhibition while measuring Enterococcus in environmental waters. Request Only. 2012. Y Cao, JF Griffith, S Dorevitch, SB Weisberg. Journal of Applied Microbiology 113:66-75. ABSTRACT


(0647) Challenges in implementing new technology for beach water quality monitoring: Lessons from a California demonstration project. Request Only. 2011. JF Griffith, SB Weisberg. Marine Technology Society Journal 45:65-73. ABSTRACT


(0621) A sea change ahead for recreational water quality criteria. Request Only. 2009. AB Boehm, NJ.Ashbolt, JM Colford, Jr, LE Dunbar, LE Fleming, MA Gold, JA Hansel, PR Hunter, AM Ichida, CD McGee, JA Soller, SB Weisberg. Journal of Water and Health 7:9-20. ABSTRACT
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