Journal Articles


(0588) Validation of a wetland rapid assessment method: Use of EPA's Level 1-2-3 Framework for method testing and refinement. Request Only. 2009. ED Stein, AE Fetscher, RP Clark, A Wiskind, JL Grenier, M Sutula, JN Collins, C Grosso. Wetlands 29:648-665. ABSTRACT

Technical Reports


(0571) Status of perennial estuarine wetlands in the state of California: Final Report to the Surface Water Ambient Monitoring Program and State Water Resources Control Board. 2008. M Sutula, JN Collins, A Wiskind, C Roberts, C Solek, S Pearce, R Clark, AE Fetscher, C Grosso, K O'Connor, A Robinson, C Clark, K Rey, S Morrissette, A Eicher, R Pasquinelli, M May, K Ritter. Technical Report 571. Southern California Coastal Water Research Project. Costa Mesa, CA. ABSTRACT PREVIEW
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