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All SCCWRP publications co-authored by Dr. Nina Bednarsek
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Bednarsek, N., J.A. Newton, M.W. Beck, S.R. Alin, R.A. Feely, N.R. Christman, T. Klinger. 2020. Severe biological effects under present-day estuarine acidification in the seasonally variable Salish Sea. Science of the Total Environment DOI:10.1016/j.scitotenv.2020.142689.

Journal Article20201150Climate Change, Ocean Acidification And Hypoxia

Cai, W.J., R.A. Feely, J.M. Testa, M. Li, W. Evans, S.R. Alin, Y.Y. Xu, G. Pelletier, A. Ahmed, D.J. Greeley, J.A. Newton, N. Bednarsek. 2020. Natural and Anthropogenic Drivers of Acidification in Large Estuaries. Annual Review of Marine Science DOI:10.1146/annurev-marine-010419-011004.

Journal Article20201151Climate Change, Ocean Acidification And Hypoxia

Bednarsek, N., G. Pelletier, A. Ahmed, R.A. Feely. 2020. Chemical Exposure Due to Anthropogenic Ocean Acidification Increases Risks for Estuarine Calcifiers in the Salish Sea: Biogeochemical Model Scenarios. Frontiers in Marine Science DOI:10.3389/fmars.2020.00580.

Journal Article20201129Climate Change, Ocean Acidification And Hypoxia

Bednarsek, N., R.A. Feely, M.W. Beck, S.R. Alin, S.A. Siedlecki, P. Calosi, E.L. Norton, C. Saenger, J. Strus, D. Greeley, N.P. Nezlin, M. Roethler, J.I. Spicer. 2020. Exoskeleton Dissolution With Mechanoreceptor Damage in Larval Dungeness Crab Related to Severity of Present-day Ocean Acidification Vertical Gradients. Science of the Total Environment DOI:10.1016/j.scitotenv.2020.136610.

Journal Article20201108Climate Change, Ocean Acidification And Hypoxia

Leon, P., N. Bednarsek, P. Welsham, K. Cook, S.E. Hartman, D. Wall-Palmer, J. Hindson, K. Mackenzie, L. Webster, E. Bresnan. 2019. Relationship between shell integrity of pelagic gastropods and carbonate chemistry parameters at a Scottish Coastal Observatory monitoring site. ICES Journal of Marine Science DOI:10.1093/icesjms/fsz178.

Journal Article20191095Climate Change, Ocean Acidification And Hypoxia

Canonico, G., P.L. Buttigieg, E. Montes, F.E. Muller-Karger, C. Steplen, D. Wright, A. Benson, B. Helmuth, M. Costello, I. Sousa-Pinto, H. Saeedi, J. Newton, W. Appeltabs, N. Bednarsek, L. Bodrossy, B.D. Best, A. Brandt, K.D. Goodwin, K. Iken, A.C. Marques, P. Miloslavich, M. Ostrowski, W. Turner, E.P. Achterberg, T. Barry, O. Defeo, G. Bigatti, L. Henry, B. Ramiro-Sanchez, P. Duran, T. Morato, J.M. Roberts, A. Garchia-Alegre, M.S. Cuadrado, B. Murton. 2019. Global Observational Needs and Resources for Marine Biodiversity. Frontiers in Marine Science 6:1-20.

Journal Article20191093Climate Change, Eutrophication, Ocean Acidification And Hypoxia

Baltar, F., B. Bayer, N. Bednarsek, S. Deppeler, R. Escribano, C.E. Gonzalez, R.L. Hansman, R.H. Mishra, M.A. Moran, D.J. Repeta, C. Robinson, E. Sintes, C. Tamburini, L.E. Valentin, G.J. Hemdi. 2019. Towards Integrating Evolution, Metabolism, and Climate Change Studies of Marine Ecosystems. Trends in Ecology and Evolution DOI:10.1016/j.tree.2019.07.003.

Journal Article20191092Climate Change, Eutrophication, Ocean Acidification And Hypoxia

Bednarsek, N., R.A. Feely, E.L. Howes, B.P.V. Hunt, F. Kessouri, P. Leon, R. Lischka, A.E. Maas, K. McLaughlin, N.P. Nezlin, M. Sutula, S.B. Weisberg. 2019. Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis Toward Synthesis of Thresholds of Ocean Acidification Impacts on Calcifying Pteropods and Interactions With Warming. Frontiers in Marine Science 6:227.

Journal Article20191076Climate Change, Ocean Acidification And Hypoxia

Buitenhuis, E.T., C.L. Quere, N. Bednarsek, R. Schiebel. 2019. Large Contribution of Pteropods to Shallow CaCO3 Export. Global Biogeochemical Cycles 33:458-468.

Journal Article20191071Climate Change, Ocean Acidification And Hypoxia

Engstrom-Ost, J., O. Glippa, R.A. Feely, J.E. Keister, S.R. Alin, B.R. Carter, A.K. McLaskey, K.A. Vuori, N. Bednarsek. 2019. Eco-physiological responses of copepods and pteropods to ocean warming and acidification. Scientific Reports 9:4748.

Journal Article20191072Climate Change, Ocean Acidification And Hypoxia

Janssen, A.W., S.L. Bush, N. Bednarsek. 2019. The shelled pteropods of the Northeastern Pacific Ocean (Mollusca: Heterobranchia, Pteropoda). Zoosymposia 13:305-346.

Journal Article20191073Climate Change, Ocean Acidification And Hypoxia

Bednarsek, N., R.A. Feely, M. Beck, O. Glippa, M. Kanerva, J. Engstrom-Ost. 2018. El Niño-Related Thermal Stress Coupled With Upwelling-Related Ocean Acidification Negatively Impacts Cellular to Population-Level Responses in Pteropods Along the California Current System With Implications for Increased Bioenergetic Costs. Frontiers in Marine Science 5:486.

Journal Article20181065Climate Change, Ocean Acidification And Hypoxia

Wall-Palmer, D., A.K. Burridge, E. Goetze, F.R. Stokvis, A.W. Janssen, L. Mekkes, M. Moreno-Alcántara, N. Bednarsek, T. Schiøtte, M.V. Sørensen, C.W. Smart, K.T.C.A. Peijnenburg. 2018. Biogeography and genetic diversity of the atlantid heteropods. Progress in Oceanography 160:1-25.

Journal Article20181038Climate Change, Ocean Acidification And Hypoxia

Feely, R.A., R.R. Okazaki, W.J. Cai, N. Bednarsek, S.R. Alin, R.H. Bryne, A. Fassbender. 2018. The combined effects of acidification and hypoxia on pH and aragonite saturation in the coastal waters of the California current ecosystem and the northern Gulf of Mexico. Continental Shelf Research 158:50-60.

Journal Article20181025Climate Change, Eutrophication, Ocean Acidification And Hypoxia

Bausch, A.R., M.A. Gallego, J. Harianto, P. Thibodeau, N. Bednarsek, J.N. Havenhand, T. Klinger. 2018. Influence of bacteria on shell dissolution in dead gastropod larvae and adult Limacina helicina pteropods under ocean acidification conditions. Marine Biology 165:40.

Journal Article20181037Climate Change, Ocean Acidification And Hypoxia

Bednarsek, N., R.A. Feely, N. Tolimieri, A.J. Hermann, S.A. Siedlecki, G.G. Waldbusser, P. McElhany, S.R. Alin, T. Klinger, B. Moore-Maley, H.O. Portner. 2017. Exposure history determines pteropod vulnerability to ocean acidification along the US West Coast. Scientific Reports 3:4526.

Journal Article20171004Climate Change, Ocean Acidification And Hypoxia

Bednarsek, N., T. Klinger, C.J. Harvey, S.B. Weisberg, R.M. McCabe, R.A. Feely, J. Newton, N. Tolimieri. 2017. New ocean, new needs: Application of pteropod shell dissolution as a biological indicator for marine resource management. Ecological Indicators 76:240-244.

Journal Article20170966Climate Change, Ocean Acidification And Hypoxia

Aminzadeh, S., M. Armsby, N. Bednarsek, J. Bishop, A. Boehm, C. Braby, F. Chan, R. Dunbar, R. Feely, B. Gaylord, L. Jewett, C. Krembs, K. Kroeker, R. Labiosa, T. Maloney, J. Phillips, B. Rappoli, M. Sakashita, D. Sivas, G. Somero, M. Sutula, D. Thomas, G. Waldbusser, S.B. Weisberg. 2016. Ocean Acidification: Setting Water Quality Goals. Technical Report 961. Stanford University. Stanford, CA.

Technical Report20160961Climate Change, Eutrophication, Ocean Acidification And Hypoxia

Weisberg, S.B., N. Bednarsek, R.A. Feely, F. Chan, A.B. Boehm, M. Sutula, J.L. Ruesink, B. Hales, J.L. Largier, J.A. Newton. 2016. Water quality criteria for an acidifying ocean: Challenges and opportunities for improvement. Ocean and Coastal Management 126:31-41.

Journal Article20160924Climate Change, Eutrophication, Harmful Algal Blooms, Ocean Acidification And Hypoxia