Data is one of the main products distributed by SCCWRP. SCCWRP’s information management team aims to provide data expeditiously and in a user-friendly, error-free format. In addition, FGDC (Federal Geographic Data Committee) quality metadata is included with each data set to communicate the methods, nature and quality of the data. Extensive quality assurance checking is performed, but if you do find an error, please notify Shelly Moore. In addition, if you cannot find the data you require, a member of SCCWRP’s information management team will be glad to assist you.

SCCWRP Research:

SCCWRP is involved in a number of projects that require collaboration and data sharing to make regional assessments of the coastal waters off of southern California. SCCWRP has taken an active role in information management for the Bight Regional Surveys and other projects such as Wetland Tracker, MARINe and Beach Watch. The Southern California Regional Data Center (SCRDC) is also housed at SCCWRP, as part of a larger data network that includes Moss Landing Marine Laboratories, San Francisco Estuary Institute and the University of California, at Davis. SCCWRP is currently working with the Stormwater Monitoring Coalition and citizen monitoring groups to add their ambient monitoring data to the SCRDC. Data from these efforts and others is made available to SCCWRP member agencies, stakeholder organizations, and the public via the SCCWRP website.

From the SCCWRP website, users can: