SCCWRP is governed by a 14-member board known as the SCCWRP Commission. Made up of senior managers from Southern California’s largest wastewater treatment agencies, stormwater management agencies and water-quality regulatory agencies, the Commission represents the preeminent group of public agencies responsible for protecting Southern California’s coastal ocean and the watersheds that drain to it.

During quarterly public meetings at SCCWRP, Commissioners oversee SCCWRP’s research portfolio, discuss how to transfer the latest science to routine management applications, and build consensus around how science can and should inform aquatic ecosystems management. The Commission serves as a primary vehicle through which SCCWRP science gets translated into environmental actions, decisions and policies.

The Commission has empaneled a standing committee known as the Commission’s Technical Advisory Group (CTAG) to serve as the primary technical link between SCCWRP and its member agencies.


SCCWRP Commission

Wastewater Treatment Agencies

City of Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation

Barbara Romero

Director and General Manager


Dr. Mas Dojiri

Assistant General Manager

Alternate Commissioner

Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County

Robert Ferrante

Chief Engineer and General Manager


Martha Tremblay

Head, Technical Services Department

Alternate Commissioner

Orange County Sanitation District

James Herberg

General Manager


Lan Wiborg

Director, Environmental Services

Alternate Commissioner

City of San Diego Public Utilities Department

Dr. Peter Vroom

Deputy Director

Alternate Commissioner

Stormwater Management Agencies

Los Angeles County Flood Control District

Keith Lilley

Deputy Director, Water Resources


Mark Lombos, P.E.

Asst. Deputy Dir., Stormwater Quality

Alternate Commissioner

CTAG Representative

Dr. Melissa Turcotte

Orange County Public Works

Amanda Carr

Deputy Director, Environmental Resources


San Diego County Watershed Protection Program

Crystal Benham

Program Manager

Commission Chair

Jo Ann Weber

Water Resources Manager

Alternate Commissioner

CTAG Representative

Ventura Watershed Protection District

Arne Anselm

Deputy Director, Water Resources


Glenn Shephard


Alternate Commissioner

Water-Quality Regulatory Agencies

California State Water Resources Control Board

Karen Mogus

Deputy Director, Division of Water Quality


Greg Gearheart

Deputy Director, Office of Information Management and Analysis

Alternate Commissioner

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Region 9

Ellen Blake

Assistant Director, Water Division


Christina Yin

Manager, Water Quality Standards and Assessment Section

Alternate Commissioner

California Ocean Protection Council

Dr. Mark Gold

Executive Director, OPC; Deputy Secretary, Oceans and Coastal Policy, California Natural Resources Agency


Dr. Justine Kimball

Senior Climate Change Program Manager

Alternate Commissioner

Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board

Renee Purdy

Executive Officer

Commission Vice Chair

Jenny Newman

Assistant Executive Officer

Alternate Commissioner

Santa Ana Regional Water Quality Control Board

Jayne Joy

Executive Officer


San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board

Dave Gibson

Executive Officer


David Barker

Supervising Water Resource Control Engineer

Alternate Commissioner