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Research Theme: Regional Monitoring

More than 60 agencies in southern California routinely monitor the condition of local aquatic and marine environments, collectively spending over $31 million per year. However, these uncoordinated efforts focus on small areas, and do not provide sufficient information to assess the health of the southern California environment as a whole. When these agencies cooperate with regional assessments, many benefits are achieved including identification of problem areas, prioritizing resources and targeting areas where mitigation actions are most needed.

SCCWRP Research

SCCWRP organizes and/or participates in several collaborative regional monitoring programs for which a variety of stakeholder groups contribute resources to data collection. SCCWRP scientists help to compile the results and participate in regional data analyses. Ongoing regional monitoring efforts focus on the ocean, bays, and estuaries of the Southern California Bight (Bight), with particular attention to wetland and riparian areas, watersheds, rocky intertidal habitat, and marine shellfish.

Regional monitoring research areas include:

Individuals from several agencies collaborate in field sampling during the Bight'03 Regional Monitoring Survey.
For more information on Regional Monitoring, contact Ken Schiff at (714) 755-3202.
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