Stormwater Researcher

The Southern California Coastal Water Research Project Authority (SCCWRP), a government research institute that specializes in transitioning research to management, is seeking an early-career scientist or engineer to help us develop and implement our stormwater research agenda. Our current research agenda includes: understanding mechanisms and processes of changes in hydrology and pollutant transfer in urban systems; stormwater impacts on receiving waters including California’s streams, estuaries and near-coastal oceans; and watershed and receiving water modeling to optimize stormwater management strategies.

Our newest research agenda spotlights the performance of structural and non-structural best management practices (BMPs) including, but not limited to, infiltration, hydrologic control, and pollutant removal from urban stormwater. Inherent to these activities will be testing BMP mechanisms and processes; optimizing BMP site design criteria and field validating these criteria; developing and evaluating new BMP technology; creating new and innovative approaches for BMP assessment, monitoring and maintenance; linking BMP cost effectiveness to receiving water improvements; and enhancing stormwater adaptive management.

The preferred candidate will possess a Ph.D. in environmental science or engineering, up to 5 years of experience, and a proven ability to publish. Master’s candidates with at least 6 years of direct experience and documented ability to conduct independent research will also be considered. Candidates should have strong quantitative skills and familiarity with watershed models. The position requires excellent communication skills, and the ability to work with a broad range of stakeholders in translating research findings into practical application.

Salary range is $65,000-80,000, depending on qualifications and experience, and includes a rich benefits package. Interested parties should submit a cover letter, curriculum vitae, and professional references to stormwater@sccwrp.org. The expected start date for the position is spring 2019. Applications will be considered until the position is filled. SCCWRP is an equal opportunity employer.

Posted 2/22/19