1978 Annual Report

Table of Contents


Director’s Statement

Summary of Findings


PART 1: Benthic Infauna as an Indicator of Bottom Conditions

The Infaunal Trophic Index
Jack Q. Word

The 60 Meter Control Survey
Jack Q. Word and Alan J. Mearns

Life in the Bottom: San Pedro and Santa Monica Bays, Palos Verdes and Point Loma Peninsulas
Willard Bascom

Establishing Boundaries Between Normal, Changed, and Degraded Areas
Willard Bascom, Alan J. Mearns and Jack Q. Word


PART 2: Present and Future Wastewater Discharges

Characteristics of Municipal Wastewater Discharges, 1977
Henry A. Schafer

Priority Pollutants in Municipal Wastewaters
David R. Young

Effluent Particle Dispersion
James R. Herring and Allan L. Abati

Forecasting Changes in Sediments near Outfalls
Tareah J. Hendricks


PART 3: Biological Consequences of a Changing Environment

Variations in Coastal Physical and Biological Conditions, 1969 1978
Alan J. Mearns

Long Term Changes in Rocky Bottom Communities off Palos Verdes
Richard W. Grigg

Pollutant Flow Through Food Webs
David R. Young and Alan J. Mearns

The Fin Erosion Syndrome
Marjorie J. Sherwood


PART 4: Management and Facilities

Management and Facilities

History, Organization, and Staff

Meetings, Symposia, and Seminars


Sampling at Sea