1981-82 Annual Report

Table of Contents


Director’s Statement

Summary of Findings


PART 1. Contaminants in Coastal Waters

Characteristics of Municipal Wastewaters 1980 1981
Henry A. Schafer

Contaminants in Ocean Food Webs
Henry A. Schafer, G. Patrick Hershelman, David R. Young and Alan J. Mearns

Levels of Trace Organic Compounds in Sportfish from Southern California
Richard Gossett, Harold W. Puffer, Robert H. Arthur, Jennifer F. Alfafara, and David R. Young

A Regional Ocean Monitoring Plan
Willard Bascom


PART 2. Invertebrates and Algae

Variation in Benthic Assemblages
Bruce E. Thompson

Gut Analysis of Polychaetes and Amphipods
Jimmy D. Laughlin

The Kelp Forests of Palos Verdes Peninsula 1982
Ken Wilson

Santa Monica Bay Plankton Distribution
Gary Kleppel, Enrique Manzanilla, B. Teter, and S. Petrich


PART 3. Fish

Trawl-Caught Fish and Invertebrates
Mike Moore, Willard Bascom, and Harold Stubbs

Evaluation of Otter Trawl Data
Jeffrey N. Cross

Trends in Fin Erosion Among Fishes on the Palos Verdes Shelf
Jeffrey N. Cross

Intertidal Fishes of Southern California
Jeffrey N. Cross

Food Habits of Demersal Fish in Santa Monica Bay
Enrique Manzanilla and Jeffrey N. Cross

Assigning Trophic Levels to Marine Animals
Alan J. Mearns

The Relationship Between Trophic Level and Stable Isotopes of Carbon and Nitrogen
Greg Rau


PART 4. Toxicity Studies

Predicting the Bioaccumulation and Toxicity of Organic Compounds
Richard W. Gossett, David A. Brown, and David R. Young

Detoxification of Metals and Organic Compounds in White Croakers
David A. Brown, Kenneth D. Jenkins, Edwin M. Perkins, Richard W. Gossett and G. Patrick Hershelman

Detoxification of Metals in Sea Urchins
Kenneth D. Jenkins, David A. Brown, and Philip Oshida

Seasonal Changes in Mussels
David A. Brown, Edwin M. Perkins, Kenneth D. Jenkins, Philip S. Oshida, Steven M. Bay, Jennifer F Alfafara, and Valerie Raco

Metal Detoxification and Spillover in Scorpionfish
David A. Brown, Jennifer F. Alfafara, Steven M. Bay G. Patrick Hershelman, Kenneth D. Jenkins, Philip S. Oshida, and Karen Rosenthal

Optimum Temperature for Tissue Cytosol Storage
Philip S. Oshida

A New Bioassay Based on Echinochrome Pigment Synthesis
Steven M. Bay, Kenneth D. Jenkins, and Philip S. Oshida

Seawater and Wastewater Toxicity Studies
Philip S. Oshida, Steven M. Bay, Ann Haeckl, Kim Goochey, and Darrin Greenstein

Characteristics of Scorpionfish Metallothioneins
Kenneth D. Jenkins, Joe W. Conner, Xavier Torres, and Craig Meyer

Quantification and Confirmation of Glutathione
Peter Szalay


PART 5. The Sea Bottom

Shelf and Slope Currents Off Newport Beach
Tareah Hendricks

An Advanced Sediment Quality Model
Tareah Hendricks

Metals in Surface Sediments from Point Dume to Point Hueneme
G. Patrick Hershelman, Peter Szalay and C. Ward

An Improved Corer for Soft Sediments
Willard Bascom, Jack Mardesich and Harold Stubbs


Appendix A. Management and Facilities

Appendix B. History, Organization and Staff

Appendix C. Publications

Appendix D. Sampling at Sea