1983-84 Annual Report

Table of Contents


Director’s Statement

Summary of Findings


PART 1. Wastes Discharged

Characteristics of Municipal Wastewater, 1982-1983
Henry A. Schafer


PART 2. Biological Studies

Sampling Design and Replication for Benthic Monitoring
Brock B. Bernstein, Robert W. Smith, and Bruce E. Thompson

Sediment and Biological Conditions on Coastal Slopes
Bruce E. Thompson, Jeffrey N. Cross, Jimmy D. Laughlin, G. Patrick Hershelman, Richard W. Gossett, and David T. Tsukada

The Newport Dory Fishery
Jeffrey N. Cross

Tumors in Fish Collected on the Palos Verdes Shelf, 1971-1983
Jeffrey N. Cross

Ingestion and Oxygen Consumption by Slope Echinoids
Bruce E. Thompson, Jimmy D. Laughlin, and David T. Tsukada

Chlorinated Hydrocarbons in Marine Mammals
Henry A. Schafer, Richard W. Gossett, Charles F. Ward, and Alvin M. Westcott

The Influence of Chlorinated Hydrocarbons on Scorpionfish Livers
Richard W. Gossett, Jeffrey N. Cross, Karen D. Rosenthal, and David A. Brown


PART 3. Physical and Chemical Studies

Predicting Sediment Quality Around Outfalls
Tareah J. Hendricks

Currents in San Gabriel Canyon
Tareah J. Hendricks and Harold H. Stubbs

Measuring the Oxygenated Metabolites of Chlorinated Hydrocarbons
Richard W. Gossett, David A. Brown, Sophia R. McHugh, and Alvin M. Westcott


PART 4. Assigning Values to Assimilative Capacity

The Concept of Assimilative Capacity
Willard Bascom

Metal and Organic Contaminants in Sediments and Animals
David A. Brown, Richard W. Gossett, G. Patrick Hershelman, Charles F. Ward, and Jeffrey N. Cross

Metal and Organic Detoxification/Toxification in Fish Livers and Gonads
David A. Brown, Steven M. Bay, Peter Szalay G. Patrick Hershelman, Charles F. Ward, Alvin M. Westcott, and Darrin J. Greenstein

Fish Reproduction Around Outfalls
Jeffrey N. Cross, Valerie E. Raco, and Dario W. Diehl

Histological Condition of Fish Livers
Karen D. Rosenthal, David A. Brown, Jeffrey N. Cross, Edwin M. Perkins, and Richard W. Gossett


PART 5. Cadmium Detoxification by Scorpionfish

Summary of the Cadmium Detoxification Experiment
David A. Brown, Steven M. Bay, and Darrin J. Greenstein

The Effectiveness of Cadmium Detoxification by Scorpionfish
Steven M. Bay, Darrin J. Greenstein, G. Patrick Hershelman, Charles F. Ward, and David A. Brown

Biological Effects of Cadmium Detoxification
Steven M. Bay, Darrin J. Greenstein, Peter Szalay, and David A. Brown

Histopathology of Cadmium Exposed Scorpionfish
Edwin M. Perkins and Karen D. Rosenthal



Appendix A. Management and Facilities

Appendix B. History, Organization, and Staff

Appendix C. Publications

Appendix D. Sampling at Sea

Appendix E. List of Abbreviations and Symbols