1999-2000 Annual Report

Table of Contents

Director’s Message
Stephen B. Weisberg


The Southern California Coastal Water Research Project – 30 years of environmental research in the Southern California Bight       ABSTRACT
Alan J. Mearns, M. James Allen and Michael D. Moore



Characteristics of effluents from large municipal wastewater treatment facilities in 1997       ABSTRACT
Valerie E. Raco-Rands and Andrea Steinberger

Assessment of efficient sampling designs for urban stormwater monitoring       ABSTRACT
Molly K. Leecaster, Kenneth C. Schiff and Liesl L. Tiefenthaler

Temporal variability patterns of stormwater concentrations in urban stormwater runoff       ABSTRACT
Liesl L. Tiefenthaler, Kenneth C. Schiff and Molly K. Leecaster

Anthropogenic versus natural mass emissions from an urban watershed       ABSTRACT
Kenneth C .Schiff and Liesl L.Tiefenthaler

Characterization of stormwater toxicants from an urban watershed to freshwater and marine organisms       ABSTRACT
Kenneth C. Schiff, Steven M. Bay and Christopher Stransky

Tracking sources of bacterial contamination in stormwater discharges from Mission Bay, California       ABSTRACT
Kenneth C. Schiff and Patrick Kinney

Temporal and spatial distributions of contaminants in sediments of Santa Monica Bay, California       ABSTRACT
Eddy Y. Zeng, Steven M. Bay, Kim Tran, and Clark Alexander

Composition and distribution of beach debris in Orange County, California       ABSTRACT
Shelly L. Moore, Dominic Gregorio, Martin Carreon, Stephen B. Weisberg and Molly K. Leecaster

A comparison of plastic and plankton in the North Pacific central gyre       ABSTRACT
Charles J. Moore, Shelly L. Moore, Molly K. Leecaster and Stephen B. Weisberg

Concentrations of methyl-tert-butyl ether (MTBE) in inputs and receiving waters of Southern California          ABSTRACT
Jeffrey S. Brown, Steven M. Bay, Darrin J. Greenstein and William R. Ray



Toxicity of methyl-tert-butyl ether (MTBE) to California marine life       ABSTRACT
Steven M. Bay, Jeffrey S. Brown, Darrin J. Greenstein and Andrew W. Jirik

Toxicity assessment of sediment cores from Santa Monica Bay       ABSTRACT
Darrin J. Greenstein, Steven M. Bay, Andrew W. Jirik, Jeffrey S. Brown and Clark Alexander

Age and growth of white croaker (Genyonemus lineatus) off Palos Verdes and Dana Point, California       ABSTRACT
Shelly L. Moore

Reproductive biology of the barred sand bass (Paralabrax nebulifer)       ABSTRACT
Cheryl Baca-Hovey and Larry D. Cooper

Relative abundance and health of demersal fish species on the southern California shelf in 1994       ABSTRACT
M. James Allen, Janet K. Stull, Shelly L. Moore and Chi-Li Tang

Relative abundance and health of megabenthic invertebrate species on the Southern California Shelf in 1994       ABSTRACT
Janet K. Stull, M. James Allen, Shelly L. Moore and Chi-Li Tang



Inventory of ocean monitoring in the Southern California Bight       ABSTRACT
Kenneth C. Schiff, Stephen B. Weisberg and Valerie E. Raco-Rands

A regional survey of the microbiological water quality along the shoreline of the Southern California Bight       ABSTRACT
Rachel T. Noble, John H. Dorsey, Molly K. Leecaster, Victoria Orozco-Borbon, Daniel Reid, Kenneth C. Schiff and Stephen B. Weisberg

Enterovirus detection by reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction from the coastal waters of southern California       ABSTRACT
Rachel T. Noble and Jed A. Fuhrman

Enterovirus detection in storm drain-impacted waters along the shoreline of the Southern California Bight       ABSTRACT
Rachel T. Noble

Relationships among bacterial indicators during a regional survey of microbiological water quality along the shoreline of the Southern California Bight       ABSTRACT
Rachel T. Noble, Molly K. Leecaster, Douglas F. Moore, Kenneth C. Schiff and Stephen B. Weisberg

Retrospective evaluation of shoreline water quality along Santa Monica Bay beaches       ABSTRACT
Kenneth C. Schiff, Jessica Morton and Stephen B. Weisberg

Historical trends in nearshore croaker (family Sciaenidae) populations in Southern California from 1977 through 1998       ABSTRACT
Kevin T. Herbinson, M. James Allen and Shelly L. Moore

Spatial analysis of grain size in Santa Monica Bay       ABSTRACT
Molly K. Leecaster



Effect of temporal sampling frequency on shoreline microbiology assessments       ABSTRACT
Molly K. Leecaster and Stephen B. Weisberg

Molecular markers in urban stormwater runoff       ABSTRACT
Kim Tran, Diana L. Young and Eddy Y. Zeng

Comparison of sediment grain size analysis among two methods and three instruments using environmental samples       ABSTRACT
Ann Dalkey and Molly K. Leecaster

Interlaboratory comparison of sediment toxicity tests with the amphipod Eohaustorius estuarius       ABSTRACT
Andrew W. Jirik, Steven M. Bay and Stan Asato



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Memorial to Willard Bascom