2003-2004 Annual Report

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Director’s Message
Stephen B. Weisberg



Effluent discharges to the Southern California Bight from large municipal wastewater treatment facilities in 2001 and 2002          ABSTRACT
Andrea Steinberger and Eric D. Stein

Offshore oil platform discharges to the pacific outer continental shelf along the coast of southern California in 1996 and 2000          ABSTRACT
Andrea Steinberger, Eric D. Stein and Valerie Raco-Rands

Characteristics of effluents from power generating stations in the Southern California Bight in 2000          ABSTRACT
Andrea Steinberger and Eric D. Stein

Copper emissions from antifouling paint on recreational vessels          ABSTRACT
Kenneth C. Schiff, Dario W. Diehl and Aldis O. Valkirs

Atmospheric dry deposition of trace metals in the Los Angeles coastal region          ABSTRACT
Lisa D. Sabin, Kenneth Schiff, Jeong Hee Lim and Keith D. Stolzenbach

Atmospheric concentrations of PAH, pesticides, and other semi-volatile organic compounds in the Los Angeles coastal region          ABSTRACT
Lisa D. Sabin, Kenneth Schiff, Jeong Hee Lim and Keith D. Stolzenbach

Nitrogen deposition on coastal watersheds in the Los Angeles region          ABSTRACT
Rong Lu, Kenneth C. Schiff, Keith Stolzenbach



Development of a solid-phase microextraction-based method for sampling of persistent chlorinated hydrocarbonsin oceanic environments          ABSTRACT
Eddy Y. Zeng, David Tsukada and Dario W. Diehl

Organophosphorus pesticides in the Malibu Creek Watershed          ABSTRACT
Jeffrey S. Brown and Steven M. Bay

A comparison of neustonic plastic and zooplankton at different depths near the southern California shore          ABSTRACT
Gwen L. Lattin, Charles J. Moore, Ann F. Zellers, Shelly L. Moore and Stephen B. Weisberg

Satellite ocean color observations of stormwater runoff plumes along the San Pedro Shelf (southern California) during 1997 to 2003          ABSTRACT
Nikolay P. Nezlin and Paul M. DiGiacomo



Comparison of sediment quality guideline performance for predicting sediment toxicity in southern California          ABSTRACT
Doris E. Vidal and Steven M. Bay

Characterization of sediment toxicity in Newport Bay          ABSTRACT
Darrin J. Greenstein, Steven M. Bay and Jeffrey S. Brown

Distribution of contamination above predator-risk guidelines in flatfishes on the Southern California Shelf in 1998          ABSTRACT
M. James Allen, Ami K. Groce and James A. Noblet

Relationships among organochlorines and lipid classes in two demersal fish species from southern California          ABSTRACT
Ami K. Groce, M. James Allen and Alexander Bolkhovitinov



Characterization and source identification of dry-weather metals and bacteria in Ballona Creek          ABSTRACT
Eric D. Stein and Liesl L. Tiefenthaler

Dry-season water quality in the San Gabriel River Watershed          ABSTRACT
Drew Ackerman, Eric D. Stein and Kenneth C. Schiff

Nutrient dynamics and macroalgal blooms: A comparison of five southern California estuaries          ABSTRACT
Rachel Kennison, Krista Kamer and Peggy Fong

Spatial and temporal patterns of remote-sensed and field-measured rainfall in southern California          ABSTRACT
Nikolay P. Nezlin and Eric D. Stein



Subseasonal to interannual variations of sea surface temperature, salinity, oxygen anomaly, and transmissivity in Santa Monica Bay, California from 1987 to 1997          ABSTRACT
Nikolay P. Nezlin, John J. Oram, Paul M. DiGiacomo and Nicolas Gruber

Temporal trends in southern California coastal fish populations relative to 30-year trends in oceanic conditions          ABSTRACT
M. James Allen, Robert W. Smith, Erica T. Jarvis, Valerie Raco-Rands, Brock B. Bernstein and Kevin T. Herbinson

Discharges into state water quality protection areas in southern California          ABSTRACT
Dominic Gregorio and Shelly L. Moore



Determination of polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS)-seawater distribution coefficients for polychlorinated biphenyls and chlorinated pesticides by solid-phase microextraction          ABSTRACT
Eddy Y. Zeng, David Tsukada, James A. Noblet and Jian Peng

Use of chemical markers to identify sources of fecal indicator bacteria in the lower Santa Ana River          ABSTRACT
James A. Noblet, Diana L. Young, Eddy Y. Zeng and Semsi Ensari

A review of technologies for rapid detection of bacteria in recreational waters          ABSTRACT
Rachel T. Noble and Stephen B. Weisberg

Evaluation of microbial source tracking methods using mixed fecal sources in aqueous test samples          ABSTRACT
John F. Griffith, Stephen B. Weisberg and Charles McGee

Assessment of statistical methods used in library-based approaches to microbial source tracking          ABSTRACT
Kerry J. Ritter, Ethan A. Carruthers, C. Andrew Carson, R.D. Ellender, Valerie J. Harwood, Kyle S. Kingsley, Cindy H. Nakatsu, Michael J. Sadowsky, Brian L. Shear, Brian R. West, John E. Whitlock, Bruce A. Wiggins and Jayson D. Wilbur

Comparison and verification of bacterial water quality indicator measurement methods using ambient coastal water samples          ABSTRACT
John F. Griffith, Larissa A. Aumand, Ioannice M. Lee, Charles D. McGee, Laila L. Othman, Kerry J. Ritter Kathy O. Walker and Stephen B. Weisberg

Evaluation of new, rapid microbiological methods for measuring recreational water quality          ABSTRACT
John F. Griffith, Charles D. McGee and Stephen B. Weisberg



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