2008 Annual Report

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Effluent discharges to the Southern California Bight from small municipal wastewater treatment facilities in 2005          ABSTRACT
Greg S. Lyon and Eric D. Stein

Comparison of stormwater pollutant loading by land use type          ABSTRACT
Eric D. Stein, Liesl L. Tiefenthaler and Kenneth C. Schiff



Experimental verification of a model describing solid phase microextraction (SPME) of freely dissolved organic pollutants in sediment porewater          ABSTRACT
Ze-Yu Yang, Keith A. Maruya, Darrin Greenstein, David Tsukada and Eddy Y. Zeng

A passive sampler based on solid phase microextraction (SPME) for quantifying hydrophobic organic contaminants in sediment porewater          ABSTRACT
Keith A. Maruya, Eddy Y. Zeng, David Tsukada and Steven M. Bay

Exchange of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons between the atmosphere, water, and sediment in southern California coastal embayments          ABSTRACT
Lisa D. Sabin, Keith A. Maruya, Wenjian Lao, Dario W. Diehl, David Tsukada, Keith D. Stolzenbach and Kenneth C. Schiff



Analysis of endocrine disruption in southern California coastal fish using an aquatic multi-species microarray          ABSTRACT
Michael E. Baker, Barbara Ruggeri, James Sprague, Colleen Eckhardt, Jennifer Lapira, Ivan Wick, Laura Soverchia, Massimo Ubaldi, Alberta Maria Polzonetti-Magni, Doris E. Vidal-Dorsch, Steven M. Bay, Joseph R. Gully, Jesus A. Reyes, Kevin M. Kelley, Daniel Schlenk, Ellen C. Breen, Roman

Šášik and Gary Hardiman

Comparison of national and regional sediment quality guidelines for classifying sediment toxicity in California          ABSTRACT
Steven M. Bay, Kerry J. Ritter, Doris E. Vidal-Dorsch and L. Jay Field

Development and evaluation of sediment quality guidelines based on benthic macrofauna responses          ABSTRACT
Kerry J. Ritter, Steven M. Bay, Robert W. Smith, Doris E. Vidal-Dorsch and L. Jay Field

Calibration and evaluation of five indicators of benthic community condition in two California bay and estuary habitats          ABSTRACT
J. Ananda Ranasinghe, Stephen B. Weisberg, Robert W. Smith, David E. Montagne, Bruce Thompson, James M. Oakden, David D. Huff, Donald B. Cadien, Ronald G. Velarde and Kerry J. Ritter

Comparability of biological assessments derived from predictive models and multimetric indices of increasing geographic scope         ABSTRACT
Peter R. Ode, Charles P. Hawkins and Raphael D. Mazor



Evaluation of optical brightener photodecay characteristics for the detection of human fecal contamination          ABSTRACT
Yiping Cao, John F. Griffith and Stephen B. Weisberg

Origins and mechanisms of watershed and land use based sources of fecal indicator bacteria in urban stormwater          ABSTRACT
Liesl L. Tiefenthaler, Eric D. Stein and Kenneth C. Schiff

Fecal indicator bacteria levels during dry weather in southern California reference streams          ABSTRACT
Liesl L. Tiefenthaler, Eric D. Stein and Greg S. Lyon



A framework for interpreting sediment quality triad data          ABSTRACT
Steven M. Bay and Stephen B. Weisberg

Sediment quality in California bays and estuaries          ABSTRACT
Arthur M. Barnett, Steven M. Bay, Kerry J. Ritter, Shelly L. Moore and Stephen B. Weisberg

Habitat related benthic macrofaunal assemblages of bays and estuaries of the western United States          ABSTRACT
J. Ananda Ranasinghe, Kathy I. Welch, Peter N. Slattery, David E. Montagne, David D. Huff, Henry Lee, II, Jeffrey L. Hyland, Bruce Thompson, Stephen B. Weisberg, James M. Oakden, Donald B. Cadien and Ronald G. Velarde

Bathymetric responses in functional structure of southern California demersal fish communities to Pacific Decadal Oscillation regimes and an El Niño          ABSTRACT
M. James Allen



Dissolved oxygen dynamics in a eutrophic estuary, Upper Newport Bay, California          ABSTRACT
Nikolay P. Nezlin, Krista Kamer, Jim Hyde and Eric D. Stein

Validation of a Wetlands Rapid Assessment Method: Application of the EPA’s Level 1-2-3 Framework for method testing and refinement          ABSTRACT
Eric D. Stein, A. Elizabeth Fetscher, Ross P. Clark, Adam Wiskind, J. Letitia Grenier, Martha Sutula, Joshua N. Collins and Cristina Grosso

Sediment contaminant chemistry and toxicity of freshwater urban wetlands          ABSTRACT
Jeffrey S. Brown, Martha Sutula, Chris Stransky and John Rudolph

Stormwater plume detection by MODIS imagery in the southern California coastal ocean          ABSTRACT
Nikolay P. Nezlin, Paul M. DiGiacomo, Dario W. Diehl, Burton H. Jones, Scott C. Johnson, Michael J. Mengel, Kristen M. Reifel, Jonathan A. Warrick and Menghua Wang



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