2010 Annual Report

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Director’s Message – Consensus

Evolution of monitoring program design for marine outfalls in the Southern California Bight     ABSTRACT
Karen E. Setty, Kenneth C. Schiff, Joseph R. Gully and Stephen B. Weisberg



Effluent discharges to the Southern California Bight from power generating stations in 2005     ABSTRACT
Greg S. Lyon and Eric D. Stein

Effluent discharges from offshore oil platforms to the outer continental shelf of southern California in 2005     ABSTRACT
Greg S. Lyon and Eric D. Stein

Comparing solid phase microextraction and polyethylene passive samplers for measuring ultra-low aqueous concentrations of regulated organic pollutants     ABSTRACT
Jaime M. Sayre, Rachel G. Adams, Wenjian Lao and Keith A. Maruya

Temperature effects on a doubly tethered diproline chiral stationary phase: Hold-up volume, enantioselectivity and robustness     ABSTRACT
Wenjian Lao and Jay Gan



Comparison of Enterococcus species selectivity using Enterolert and EPA Method 1600     ABSTRACT
Donna M. Ferguson, John F. Griffith, Charles D. McGee and Stephen B. Weisberg

Covalently-linked immunomagnetic separation/adenosine triphosphate technique (Cov-IMS/ATP) enables rapid, in-field detection and quantification of Escherichia coli and Enterococcus spp. in freshwater and marine environments     ABSTRACT
Christine M. Lee, John F. Griffith, William Kaiser and Jennifer A. Jay

Pilot- and bench-scale testing of fecal indicator bacteria survival in marine beach sand near point sources     ABSTRACT
Kathryn B. Mika, Greg Imamura, Crystal Chang, Victoria Conway, Genevieve Fernandez, John F. Griffith, Rita A. Kampalath, Christine M. Lee, Chu-Ching Lin, Raylene Moreno, Shawn Thompson, Richard L. Whitman and Jennifer A. Jay

Use of an exogenous plasmid standard and quantitative PCR to monitor spatial and temporal distribution of Enterococcus spp. in beach sands     ABSTRACT
Elizabeth Halliday, John F. Griffith and Rebecca J. Gast

Large scale analysis of virulence genes in Escherichia coli strains isolated from Avalon Bay, CA     ABSTRACT
Matthew J. Hamilton, Asbah Z. Hadi, John F. Griffith and Michael J. Sadowsky

A real-time qPCR assay for the detection of the nifH gene of Methanobrevibater smithii, a potential indicator of sewage pollution     ABSTRACT
Christopher Johnston, Jennifer A. Unfar, John F. Griffith, Janet A. Gooch and Jill R. Stewart

Improved detection and quantification of norovirus from water     ABSTRACT
Jason B. Gregory, Laura F. Webster, John F. Griffith and Jill R. Stewart



Incorporating contaminant bioavailability into sediment quality assessment frameworks     ABSTRACT
Keith A. Maruya, Peter F. Landrum, Robert M. Burgess and James P. Shine

Levels of agreement among experts using Best Professional Judgment to assess mesohaline and tidal freshwater benthic macrofaunal condition in the San Francisco Estuary and Delta     ABSTRACT
Bruce Thompson, Stephen B. Weisberg, Aroon Melwani, Sarah Lowe, J. Ananda Ranasinghe, Donald B. Cadien, Daniel M. Dauer, Robert J. Diaz, Wayne Fields, Michael Kellogg, David E. Montagne, Peter R. Ode, Donald J. Reish and Peter N. Slattery

The effect of sample area and sieve size on benthic macrofaunal community condition assessments in California enclosed bays and estuaries     ABSTRACT
Kamille K. Hammerstrom, J. Ananda Ranasinghe, Stephen B. Weisberg, John S. Oliver, W. Russell Fairey, Peter N. Slattery and James M. Oakden

Long-term macroinvertebrate responses to climate change: Implications for biological assessment in Mediterranean-climate streams     ABSTRACT
Justin E. Lawrence, Kevin B. Lunde, Raphael D. Mazor, Leah A. Bêche, Eric P. McElravy and Vincent H. Resh

Comparing volunteer and professionally collected monitoring data from subtidal rocky reefs in southern California     ABSTRACT
David J. Gillett, Dan J. Pondella II, Kenneth C. Schiff, Jan Freiwald, Jennifer E. Casselle, Craig Shuman and Stephen B. Weisberg

Biological responses of marine flatfish exposed to effluent      ABSTRACT
Doris E. Vidal-Dorsch, Steven M. Bay, Monica A. Mays, Darrin J. Greenstein, Diana Young, Daniel Schlenk and Kevin M. Kelley



Assessing water quality conditions in southern California’s areas of special biological significance     ABSTRACT
Kenneth Schiff, Brenda Luk, Dominic Gregorio and Steve Gruber

Tracking stormwater discharge plumes and water quality of the Tijuana River with multispectral aerial imagery     ABSTRACT
Jan Svejkovsky, Nikolay P. Nezlin, Neomi M. Mustain and Jamie B. Kum

Plastic ingestion by planktivorous fishes in the North Pacific Central Gyre     ABSTRACT
Christiana M. Boerger, Gwendolyn L. Lattin, Shelly L. Moore and Charles J. Moore



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