SCCWRP 50th Anniversary Celebration

Since its inception in 1969, SCCWRP has staked its reputation on conducting high-quality research and translating this work into actionable guidance and recommendations that inform management decision-making. SCCWRP celebrated 50 years of progress and achievement during a two-part program on October 11, 2019 at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach.

The event began with a four-hour scientific afternoon program focusing on SCCWRP’s greatest accomplishments across its thematic research areas, plus its future research directions. Then, during a four-hour evening recognition program and reception, SCCWRP celebrated all of the people and institutions that have been foundational to the organization’s growth and success.

SCCWRP introductory film produced for the 50th anniversary

Commemorative book

All guests received a copy of SCCWRP at 50, a commemorative book that looks back at SCCWRP’s first five decades of progress and achievement. Click here to view the digital version (PDF). To request a hard copy, contact

Photo slideshow

Click below to view all of the photos from the October 11 celebration.

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Afternoon Scientific Program

The afternoon session consisted of a series of presentations on SCCWRP’s most significant scientific accomplishments over the past 50 years and where the agency’s research is headed next. Video recordings of each presentation are posted below.

Evening Recognition Program

The evening session consisted of a mix-and-mingle with a private reception/dinner, followed by a recognition program celebrating the people and institutions that have contributed to SCCWRP’s success.

A series of short films recognizing key contributors to SCCWRP’s success were screened during the recognition program. The reflections films, available below, focus on the SCCWRP Commission, Scientific Consulting Board and CTAG, scientific partners and staff.