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All SCCWRP publications co-authored by Dr. Alvina Mehinto
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Mehinto, A.C., H.L. Schoenfuss, E. Wenger, D.W. Diehl, S.M. Bay. 2021. Application of an Effects‐Based Monitoring Strategy to Assess the Impact of Contaminants on Fish Health in an Urbanized Watershed. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 40:402-412.

Journal Article20211177Bioanalytical Cell Screening Assays, Emerging Contaminants

Martyniuk, C.J., A.C. Mehinto, R.C. Colli-Dula, K.J. Kroll, N.J. Doperalski, D.S. Barber, N.D. Denslow. 2020. Transcriptome and physiological effects of toxaphene on the liver-gonad reproductive axis in male and female largemouth bass (Micropterus salmoides). Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology - Part D DOI:10.1016/j.cbd.2020.100746.

Journal Article20201156Emerging Contaminants

DeCourten, B.M., J.P. Forbes, H.K. Roark, N.P. Burns, K.M. Major, J.W. White, J. Li, A.C. Mehinto, R.E. Connon, S.M. Brander. 2020. Multigenerational and Transgenerational Effects of Environmentally Relevant Concentrations of Endocrine Disruptors in an Estuarine Fish Model. Environmental Science & Technology DOI:10.1021/acs.est.0c02892.

Journal Article20201157Emerging Contaminants

Major, K.M., B.M. DeCourten, J. Li, M. Britton, M.L. Settles, A.C. Mehinto, R.E. Connon, S.M. Brander. 2020. Early Life Exposure to Environmentally Relevant Levels of Endocrine Disruptors Drive Multigenerational and Transgenerational Epigenetic Changes in a Fish Model. Frontiers in Marine Science DOI:10.3389/fmars.2020.00471.

Journal Article20201128Bioanalytical Cell Screening Assays, Emerging Contaminants

Martyniuk, C.J., A.C. Mehinto, N.D. Denslow. 2020. Organochlorine pesticides: Agrochemicals with potent endocrinedisrupting properties in fish. Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology DOI:10.1016/j.mce.2020.110764.

Journal Article20201124Bioanalytical Cell Screening Assays, Emerging Contaminants

Maruya, K.A., A.C. Mehinto, W. Lao, R. Sutton, T. Jabusch, J. Sun, D. Lin, J. Davis, R. Fadness. 2018. Pilot Monitoring of Constituents of Emerging Concern (CECs) in the Russian River Watershed (Region 1). Technical Report 1020. Southern California Coastal Water Research Project. Costa Mesa, CA.

Technical Report20181020Bioanalytical Cell Screening Assays, Emerging Contaminants

Mehinto, A.C., K.J. Kroll, B.S. Jayasinghe, C.M. Lavelle, D. VanDervort, O.K. Adeyemo, S.M. Bay, K.A. Maruya, N.D. Denslow. 2018. Linking In Vitro Estrogenicity to Adverse Effects in the Inland Silverside (Menidia beryllina). Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 37:884-892.

Journal Article20181021Bioanalytical Cell Screening Assays, Emerging Contaminants

Martinovic-Weigelt, D., A.C. Mehinto, G.T. Ankley, J.P. Berninger, T.W. Collette, J.M. Davis, N.D. Denslow, E.J. Durhan, E. Eid, D.R. Ekman, K.M. Jensen, M.D. Kahl, C.A. LaLone, Q. Teng, D.L. VIlleneueve. 2017. Derivation and Evaluation of Putative Adverse Outcome Pathways for the Effects of Cyclooxygenase Inhibitors on Reproductive Processes in Female Fish. Toxicological Sciences 156:344-61.

Journal Article20170996Bioanalytical Cell Screening Assays, Emerging Contaminants

Mehinto, A.C., D.R. VanDervort, W. Lao, G. He, M.S. Denison, S.M. Vliet, D.C. Volz, R.D. Mazor, K.A. Maruya. 2017. High throughput in vitro and in vivo screening of inland waters of Southern California. Environmental Science: Processes and Impacts 19:1142-1149.

Journal Article20170995Bioanalytical Cell Screening Assays, Emerging Contaminants

Denslow, N., K. Kroll, S. Jayasinghe, O. Adeyemo, C. Lavelle, E. Li, A.C. Mehinto, S.M. Bay, K.A. Maruya. 2017. Linkage of In Vitro Assay Results With In Vivo Endpoints Final Report - Phase 1 and 2. Technical Report 983. San Francisco Estuary Institute. Richmond, CA.

Technical Report20170983Bioanalytical Cell Screening Assays, Emerging Contaminants

Vidal-Dorsch, D.E., S.M. Bay, S.L. Moore, B. Layton, A.C. Mehinto, C.D. Vulpe, M. Brown-Augustine, A. Loguinov, H. Poynton, N. Garcia-Reyero, E.J. Perkins, L. Escalon, N.D. Denslow, C.R. Colli-Dula, T. Doan, S. Shukradas, J. Bruno, L. Brown, G. Van Agglen, P. Jackman, M. Bauer. 2016. Ecotoxicogenomics: Microarray interlaboratory comparability. Chemosphere 144:193-200.

Journal Article20160893Sediment Quality

Mehinto, A.C., B.S. Jayasinghe, D.R. Vandervort, N.D. Denslow, K.A. Maruya. 2016. Screening for Endocrine Activity in Water Using Commercially-available In Vitro Transactivation Bioassays. Journal of Visualized Experiments 118:e54725.

Journal Article20160955Bioanalytical Cell Screening Assays, Emerging Contaminants

Crago, J., E.G. Xu, A. Kupsco, F. Jia, A.C. Mehinto, W. Lao, K.A. Maruya, J. Gan, D. Schlenk. 2016. Trophic transfer and effects of DDT in male hornyhead turbot (Pleuronichthys verticalis) from Palos Verdes Superfund site, CA (USA) and comparisons to field monitoring. Environmental Pollution 213:940-948.

Journal Article20160923Sediment Quality

Mehinto, A.C., A. Jia, S.A. Snyder, B. Sumith Jayasinghe, N.D. Denslow, J. Crago, D. Schlenk, C. Menzie, S.D. Westerheide, F.D.L. Leusch, K.A. Maruya. 2015. Interlaboratory comparison of in vitro bioassays for screening of endocrine disrupting chemicals in recycled water. Water Research 83:303-309.

Journal Article20150873Bioanalytical Cell Screening Assays, Emerging Contaminants

Dodder, N.G., A.C. Mehinto, K.A. Maruya. 2015. Monitoring of Constituents of Emerging Concern (CECs) in California's Aquatic Ecosystems - Pilot Study Design and QA/QC Guidance. Technical Report 854. Southern California Coastal Water Research Project Authority. Costa Mesa, CA.

Technical Report20150854Bioanalytical Cell Screening Assays, Emerging Contaminants

Maruya, K.A., N.G. Dodder, A.C. Mehinto, N.D. Denslow, D. Schlenk, S.A. Snyder, S.B. Weisberg. 2015. A Tiered, Integrated Biological and Chemical Monitoring Framework for Contaminants of Emerging Concern in Aquatic Ecosystems. Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management 12:540-547.

Journal Article20150896Bioanalytical Cell Screening Assays, Emerging Contaminants

Mehinto, A.C., M.S. Prucha, R.C. Colli-Dula, K.J. Kroll, C.M. Lavelle, D.S. Barber, C.D. Vulpe, N.D. Denslow. 2014. Gene networks and toxicity pathways induced by acute cadmium exposure in adult largemouth bass (Micropterus salmoides). Aquatic Toxicology 152:186-194.

Journal Article20140821Sediment Quality

Escher, B.I., M. Allinson, R. Altenburger, P.A. Bain, P. Balaguer, W. Busch, J. Crago, N.D. Denslow, E. Dopp, K. Hilscherova, A.R. Humpage, A. Kumar, M. Grimaldi, B.S. Jayasinghe, B. Jarosova, A. Jia, S. Makarov, K.A. Maruya, A. Medvedev, A.C. Mehinto, J.E. Mendez, A. Poulsen, E. Prochazka, J. Richard, A. Schifferli, D. Schlenk, S. Scholz, F. Shiraishi, S. Snyder, G. Su, J.Y.M. Tang, B. van der Burg, S.C. van der Linden, I. Werner, S.D. Westerheide, C.K.C. Wong, M. Yang, B.H.Y. Yeung, X. Zhang, F.D.L. Leusch. 2014. Benchmarking organic micropollutants in wastewater, recycled water and drinking water with in vitro bioassays. Environmental Science and Technology 48:1940-1956.

Journal Article20140805Bioanalytical Cell Screening Assays, Emerging Contaminants

Christiansen, H.E., A.C. Mehinto, F. Yuc, R.W. Perry, N.D. Denslow, A.G. Maule, M.G. Mesa. 2014. Correlation of gene expression and contaminant concentrations in wild largescale suckers: A field-based study. Science of the Total Environment 484:379-389.

Journal Article20140846Emerging Contaminants

Martinovic-Weigelt, D., A.C. Mehinto, G.T. Ankley, N.D. Denslow, L.B. Barber, K.E. Lee, R.J. King, H.L. Schoenfuss, A.L. Schroeder, D.L. Villeneuve. 2014. Transcriptomic Effects-Based Monitoring for Endocrine Active Chemicals: Assessing Relative Contribution of Treated Wastewater to Downstream Pollution. Environmental Science and Technology 48:2385-2394.

Journal Article20140850Bioanalytical Cell Screening Assays, Emerging Contaminants, Stormwater And Urban Runoff