All SCCWRP publications co-authored by Kristine Gesulga
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Thornton Hampton, L.M., H. De Frond, K. Gesulga, S. Kotar, W. Lao, C. Matuch, S.B. Weisberg, C.S. Wong, S. Brander, S. Christansen, C.R. Cook, F. Du, S. Ghosal, A.B. Gray, J. Hankett, P.A. Helm, K.T. Ho, T. Kefela, G. Lattin, A. Lusher, L. Mai, R.E. McNeish, O. Mina, E.C. Minor, S. Primpke, K. Rickabaugh, V.C. Renick, S. Singh, B.V. Bavel, F. Vollnhals, C.M. Rochman. 2023. The influence of complex matrices on method performance in extracting and monitoring for microplastics. Chemosphere 334:138875.

Journal Article20231335Emerging Contaminants, Trash Pollution

Kotar, S., R. McNeish, C. Murphy-Hagan, V. Renick, C.T. Lee, C. Steele, A. Lusher, C. Moore, E. Minor, J. Schroeder, P. Helm, K. Rickabaugh, H.D. Frond, K. Gesulga, W. Lao, K. Munno, L.M. Thornton Hampton, S.B. Weisberg, C.S. Wong, G. Amarpuri, R.C. Andrews, S.M. Barnett, S. Christiansen W Cowgeri, K. Crampond, F. Du, A.B. Gray, J. Hankett, K. Ho, J. Jaeger, C. Lilley, L. Mai, O. Mina, E. Lee, S. Primpke, S. Singh, J. Skovly, T. Slifko, S. Sukumaran, B. Bavel, J.V. Brocklin, F. Vollnhals, C. Wu, C.M. Rochman . 2022. Quantitative assessment of visual microscopy as a tool for microplastic research: Recommendations for improving methods and reporting. Chemosphere 308:1-9.

Journal Article20221290Emerging Contaminants, Trash Pollution

De Frond, H., L.M. Thornton Hampton, S. Kotar, K. Gesulga, C. Matuch, W. Lao, S.B. Weisberg, C.S. Wong, C.M. Rochman . 2022. Monitoring microplastics in drinking water: An interlaboratory study to inform effective methods for quantifying and characterizing microplastics. Chemosphere 298:134282.

Journal Article20221256Emerging Contaminants, Trash Pollution