1974 Annual Report

Table of Contents

Director’s Synopsis

Ecological Problems and Findings


PART I: Biology Program

Toxicity Studies of Chromium
Alan J. Mearns

Wild Fish and Invertebrates in the Laboratory
Marjorie J. Sherwood and Danuta K. Charwat

Cluster Analysis of Benthic Communities
Charles S. Greene and Thomas S. Sarason

Tumors in Southern California Fishes
Marjorie J. Sherwood and Alan J. Mearns

Fin Erosion in Southern California Fishes
Marjorie J. Sherwood and R.A. Bendele

Observations with a Baited Movie Camera

Taxonomic Standardization
Jack Q. Word and Danuta K. Charwat

Microorganisms in Coastal Waters
Jubee Kim

Standardizing Sampling Procedures
Alan J. Mearns

Functional Structure of Fish Communities
M. James Allen

Intertidal and Shallow Subtidal Communities
Alan C. Miller

Characterizing Nearshore Benthic Waters
Alan J. Mearns and Cindy G. Smith

Grain Sizes of Palos Verdes Sediments
Charles S. Greene


PART II: Chemistry Program

Characteristics of Municipal Wastewaters, 1971 to 1973
Deirdre J. McDermott

Inputs of Chlorinated Hydrocarbons
David R. Young and Theadore C. Heesen

Decrease of DDT in Mussels
Elliott Berkiniser

Contaminants in Harbors
David R. Young and Theadore C. Heesen

DDT and PCB in Benthic Crabs
Theadore C. Heesen and Deirdre J. McDermott

DDT in Benthic Fishes
David R. Young and Deirdre J. McDermott

Metals in Flatfish Around Outfalls
Deirdre J. McDermott and David R. Young

Inventory of DDT in Sediments
Deirdre J. McDermott and Theadore C. Heesen

Mercury in Sediments
Joseph N. Johnson

Arsenic, Antimony, and Selenium in Sediments
David R. Young

DDT and PCB in Dated Sediments
David R. Young


PART III: Engineering/Physics Program

The Fates of Metals and Particulates
Terry Hendricks

Metals on Suspended Particulates
Kenneth Chen and Terry Hendricks

Measurements of Coastal Currents
Terry Hendricks

Properties of Ocean Sludge
Floyd K. Mitchell

Primary and Secondary Treatment
Floyd K. Mitchell


PART IV: Management and Facilities


History, Organization, and Staff

Meetings, Symposia, and Seminars


Sampling at Sea