1977 Annual Report

Table of Contents

Director’s Statement

Summary of Findings


PART 1: Sources of Pollutants

Characteristics of Municipal Wastewater Discharges, l976
Henry A. Schafer

Metals in Power Plant Cooling Water Discharges
David R. Young, Tsu Kai Jan, and Michael D. Moore

Halogenated Hydrocarbons in Wastewaters Knowns and Unknowns
Theadore C. Heesen and David R. Young


PART 2: Distribution of Pollutants

In Situ Measurements of Initial Dilution
Tareah J. Hendricks

Coastal Currents
Tareah J. Hendricks

Pollutants in Sediments off Palos Verdes
G. Patrick Hershelman, Tsu Kai Jan, and Henry A. Schafer

Precision of Chlorinated Hydrocarbon Measurements
Theadore C. Heesen and David R. Young

Satellite Imagery Studies
Tareah J. Hendricks


PART 3: Surveys of Marine Life

Underwater Color Photography
Alan J. Mearns

Taxonomic Standardization Developments
Jack Q. Word

Better Control Stations The 60 Meter Survey
Jack Q. Word, Alan J. Mearns, and M. James Allen

Recovery of Kelp Forest Off Palos Verdes
Alan J. Mearns, Doyle A. Hanan, and Leslie Harris

Bottom Fish Populations Below 200 Meters
M. James Allen and Alan J. Mearns

Bottom Invertebrate Populations Below 200 Meters
Jack Q. Word and Alan J. Mearns

Commercial Fish Catches
M. James Allen and Robert M. Voglin

Coastal Gradients in Sportfish Catches
Alan J. Mearns

Abundance of Bottom Fish Off Orange County
Alan J. Mearns

Changes in the Prevalence of Fin Erosion Off Los Angeles and Orange Counties
Alan J. Mearns and Marjorie J. Sherwood


PART 4: Uptake of Pollutants

Chlorinated Benzenes in Palos Verdes Flatfish
David R. Young and Theadore C. Heesen

Metals in Seafoods Near Outfalls
Tsu Kai Jane, Michael D. Moore, and David R. Young

Metals in Mussels from Harbors and Outfall Areas
David R. Young and George V. Alexander


PART 5: Effects on Marine Life

A Safe Level of Hexavalent Chromium for a Marine Polychaete
Philip S. Oshida

Effects of Hexavalent Chromium on Sea Urchin Embryos and Brittle Stars
Philip S. Oshida and Jean L. Wright

Toxicity of a Chlorinated Benzene to Sea urchin Embryos
Philip S. Oshida

Marine Bird Deaths at Los Angeles Zoo
David R. Young and Theadore C. Heesen

Animals that are Indicators of Marine Pollution
Jack Q. Word, Brad L. Myers, and Alan J. Mearns

Histology of Liver Tissue from Dover Sole
Kenneth V. Pierce, Bruce McCain and Marjorie J. Sherwood

Fin Erosion Disease and Liver Chemistry Los Angeles and Seattle
Marjorie J. Sherwood

Fin Regeneration in Dover Sole
Marjorie J. Sherwood


PART 6: Management and Facilities

Management and Facilities



History, Organization, and Staff

Meetings, Symposia, and Seminars


Sampling at Sea