1979-80 Annual Report

Table of Contents


Director’s Statement

Summary of Findings


PART 1: Changes in the Sea off Palos Verdes

Benthic Microcrustacea and Echinoderms on Palos Verdes Shelf
Jack Q. Word and Peter L. Striplin

Changes in Bottomfish Population off Palos Verdes 1970-1980
Michael D. Moore and Alan J. Mearns

Changes in Intertidal Algae at Palos Verdes
Leslie Harris

Changes in Kelp Forests at Palos Verdes
Kenneth C. Wilson, Alan J. Mearns and J.J. Grant


PART 2: Development of Technique

Extension of the Infaunal Trophic Index to a depth of 800 Meters
Jack Q. Word

Classification of Benthic Invertebrates into Infaunal Trophic Index Feeding Groups
Jack Q. Word

Effects of Screen Size and Replication on the Infaunal Trophic Index
Jack Q. Word, Peter L. Striplin and David Tsukada

Mass Spectrometry Confirmation of PCB and DDT Analyses of Fish
Tai Ching Liu Hu, Richard Gossett and David R. Young

Photographic Survey of Benthic Fish and Invertebrates Communities in Santa Monica Bay
Michael D. Moore and Alan J. Mearns

A New Test for Measuring Seawater Toxicity
Philip S. Oshida and Teresa Goochey


PART 3: Inventory and Assessment

Trace Pollutants in Surface Runoff
David R. Young, Tsu Kai Jan and Richard Gossett

Trace Metals in Surface Sediments of Santa Monica Bay
Tsu Kai Jan and G. Patrick Hershelman

Chlorinated Benzenes in Sediment and Organisms
David R. Young and Richard Gossett

The Effects of Sludge Disposal in Santa Monica Bay
Willard Bascom and the staff of SCCWRP

Characteristics of Municipal Wastewater
Henry Schafer


PART 4: Oceanographic Studies

Currents in the Los Angeles Area
Tareah J. Hendricks

Initial Dilution during Periods of Weak Currents
Tareah J. Hendricks

Phytoplankton and Abundance and Distribution in Santa Monica Bay
Gary S. Kleppel and Enrique Manzanilla

Changing Coastal Conditions: 1979 Compared to the Past 25 Years
Alan J. Mearns


PART 5: Ecological Processes

Trophic Structure and Pollutant Flow in a Harbor Ecosystem
Alan J. Mearns and David R. Young

Demersal Fish Feeding in Santa Monica Bay and off Palos Verdes
Gary S. Kleppel, Jack Q. Word and James Roney

Recruitment of Nearshore Demersal Fishes
Marjorie Sherwood

Fin Erosion Survey
Marjorie Sherwood


PART 6: Management and Facilities


History, Organization and Staff


Sampling at Sea