1987 Annual Report

Table of Contents





Characteristics of Municipal Wastewaters in 1986 and 1987

Storm Runoff in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties



Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Waste Effluent and Sediments

Current Flow Patterns in the San Diego Bight

Flux of Organic Material and Benthic Community Structure

Seasonal and Spatial Variations in Sediment Resuspension



Micronuclei in Starry Flounder from San Francisco Bay

Impaired Reproduction in White Croaker off Southern California

Sediment Toxicity to Kelp Bass Larvae

Responses of Biota and Sediment to the 7 Mile Outfall Termination

Effects of Contaminated Sediments on Three Benthic Invertebrates

Toxicity of Contaminated Sediments to the Amphipod Grandidierella japonica

Sea Urchin Embryo Bioassay Methods for Use with Sediment Elutriates

Wastewater Toxicity Tests



Sampling at Sea

Historical Review of Monitoring in Southern California for the NRC

Evaluation of Monitoring Methods

SCAMIT and SCECS: An Overview

New Projects

Recent Contributions

Presentations by SCCWRP Staff in 1987

Management Chart