1988-89 Annual Report

Table of Contents


Director’s Introduction: A Year of Transition


Progress Report on Recent Contracts

Sampling at Sea in 1988



Recent Changes and Long Term Trends in the Combined Mass Emissions Discharged into the Southern California Bight

Marine Outfalls: 1987 Discharges from Wastewater Treatment Plants, Power Plants, and Industrial Facilities

Dredge Inputs into the Southern California Bight



Recovery of Santa Monica Bay After Termination of Sludge Discharge

Characteristics and Effects of Contaminated Sediments

Influence of Sediment Type on Phenanthrene Toxicity

Toxicity of Stormwater Runoff in Los Angeles County

Comparative Wastewater Toxicity Tests

Use of the Brittlestar Amphiodia urtica in Laboratory Studies



1988 Contributions

SCCWRP Presentations in 1988

SCCWRP Seminars in 1988