1989-90 Annual Report

Table of Contents


Director‘s Perspective

Executive Summary



Characteristics of Effluents from Large Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants in 1989

Characteristics of Effluents from Small Municipal Wastewater Treatntent Plants, Electrical Generating Stations, and Industrial Facilines in 1989

Mass Emissions Estimates for Selected Constituents from the Los Angeles River



Potential Applications of Waste Specific Molecular Markers

PCBs in Los Angeles Harbor

Sources and Magnitude of Error Associated with PCB Measurements



Sublethal Effects of Hydrogen Sulfide in Marine Sediments

Wastewater Toxicity Studies

Toxicity of Surface Runoff in Southern California

Changes in Macrobenthic Assemblages After Termination of Sludge Discharge into Santa Monica Bay

An Assessment of Monitoring in Santa Monica Bay



Sampling at Sea in 1989-90

SCCWRP Presentations in 1989-90

SCCWRP Contributions in 1989-90