1992-93 Annual Report

Table of Contents


Director’s Perspective

Executive Summary



Characteristics of Effluents from Large Municipal Wastewater Treatment Facilities in 1992

Estimated Discharges from Offshore Oil Platforms in the Southern California Bight in 1990

Congener Specific Analysis of Polychlorinated Biphenyls by GC/ECD and GC/MS: Characterization of an Aroclor Mixture



SCCWRP Inclinometer Current Meters

Near Bottom Currents off Southern California

Temperature Variations in the Water Column off Point Loma

Preliminary Study of Seasonal Variation of Carbon and Nitrogen in Sediments off Point Loma

Contamination of Recreational Seafood Organisms off Southern California



Distribution of the Brittlestar Amphiodia (Amphispina) Species in the Southern California Bight in 1957-59

Population Biology of the Brittlestar Amphiodia Urtica

Sediment Toxicity Test Methods for the Brittlestar Amphiodia Urtica

Response of the Brittlestar Amphiodia Urtica to an Outfall Gradient

Prelimary Toxicity Identification Evaluation (TIE) of Dry Weather Urban Discharge

Toxic Effects of Elevated Salinity and Desalination Waste Brine

Aspects of the Life History of Hornybead Turbot, Pleuronichthys verticalis, off Southern California



Sampling at Sea in 1992-93

SCCWRP Presentations in 1992-93