1993-94 Annual Report

Table of Contents


Director’s Perspective

Executive Summary



Characteristics of Effluents from Large Municipal Wastewater Treatment Facilities in 1993

Characteristics of Effluents from Small Municipal Wastewater Treatment Facilities in 1993

Extraction of Hydrophobic Organics from Aqueous Samples with 90-mm C-18 Bonded Disks

Measurements of Linear Alkybenzenes by GC/MS and GC/FID


Post-Depositional Distribution of Organic Contaminates Near the Hyperion 7-Mile Outfall in Santa Monica Bay

Seafood Consumption Habits of Recreational Anglers in Santa Monica Bay

Sediment Grain Size: Results of an Interlaboratory Intercalibration Experiment

A Conceptual Model of Pollutant Flux Through the Coastal Ecosystem off Los Angeles



Toxicity of Sediments on the Palos Verdes Shelf

Structure of the Amphiodia urtica Population Near a Municipal Wastewater Outfall off Orange County

Growth of Brittlestars Exposed to Sediments from a Municipal Wastewater Outfall Gradient off San Diego

Reproduction and Population Dynamics of Grandidierella japonica in Upper Newport Bay



SCCWRP at Sea in 1993-94