2007 Annual Report

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Director’s Message – SCCWRP’s Continuing Evolution



How effective has the Clean Water Act been at reducing pollutant mass emissions to the Southern California Bight over the past 35 years?          ABSTRACT
Greg S. Lyon and Eric D. Stein

Watershed and land use-based sources of trace metals in urban stormwater          ABSTRACT
Liesl L. Tiefenthaler, Eric D. Stein and Kenneth C. Schiff

Dry-weather flow contribution of metals, nutrients, and solids from natural catchments          ABSTRACT
Eric D. Stein and Vada K. Yoon

Contribution of natural catchments to levels of metals, nutrients, and solids in stormwater          ABSTRACT
Vada K. Yoon and Eric D. Stein

Metal dry deposition rates along a coastal transect in southern California          ABSTRACT
Lisa D. Sabin and Kenneth C. Schiff



Dye dispersion in the surf zone: measurements and simple models          ABSTRACT
Linden B. Clarke, Drew Ackerman and John Largier

Antifouling pesticides in the coastal waters of southern California          ABSTRACT
Yelena Sapozhnikova, Edward Wirth, Kenneth Schiff, Jeffrey Brown and Michael Fulton

Differences in survival among Enterococcus faecalis subspecies in two freshwater creek sediments          ABSTRACT
Yucheng Feng, Peter G. Hartel, Jared A. Fisher, Karen Rodgers, Bin Liu and Kerry J. Ritter



Toxicity of urban highway runoff with respect to storm duration          ABSTRACT
Masoud Kayhanian, Chris Stransky, Steven M. Bay, Simlin Lau and Michael K. Stenstrom

Wet and dry weather toxicity in the San Gabriel River          ABSTRACT
Kenneth Schiff, Beth Bax, Phil Markle, Terry Fleming and Jennifer Newman



Application of color infrared aerial photography to assess macroalgal distribution in an eutrophic estuary, Upper Newport Bay, California          ABSTRACT
Nikolay P. Nezlin, Krista Kamer and Eric D. Stein

Estimating the variability and confidence of land use and imperviousness relationships at a regional scale          ABSTRACT
Drew Ackerman and Eric D. Stein

Integrating probabalistic and targeted compliance monitoring for comprehensive watershed assessment          ABSTRACT
Eric D. Stein and Brock Bernstein

Evaluating the effectiveness of Best Management Practices using dynamic modeling          ABSTRACT
Drew Ackerman and Eric D. Stein



Blooms of Pseudo-nitzschia and domoic acid in the San Pedro Channel and Los Angeles Harbor areas of the Southern California Bight, 2003-2004          ABSTRACT
Astrid Schnetzer, Peter E. Miller, Rebecca A. Schaffner, Beth A. Stauffer, Burton H. Jones, Stephen B. Weisberg, Paul M. DiGiacomo, William M. Berelson and David A. Caron

River plume patterns and dynamics within the Southern California Bight           ABSTRACT
Jonathan A. Warrick, Paul M. DiGiacomo, Stephen B. Weisberg, Nikolay P. Nezlin, Michael J. Mengel, Burton H. Jones, J.Carter Ohlmann, Libe Washburn, Eric J. Terrill and Katie L. Farnsworth

Efficacy of shallow water sampling to determine exposure of surfers to indicator bacteria at marine beaches          ABSTRACT
John F. Griffith, Kenneth C. Schiff, Stephen B. Weisberg, Charles D. McGee and Clay Clifton

Chlorinated hydrocarbons in pelagic forage fishes and squid of the Southern California Bight, USA          ABSTRACT
Erica Jarvis, Kenneth Schiff, Lisa Sabin and M. James Allen



Evaluating consistency of best professional judgment in the application of a multiple lines of evidence sediment quality triad          ABSTRACT
Steven Bay, Walter Berry, Peter Chapman, Russell Fairey, Tom Gries, Edward Long, Don MacDonald and Stephen B. Weisberg

Determination of poly(dimethyl)siloxanewater partition coefficients for selected hydrophobic organic chemicals using 14C-labeled analogs          ABSTRACT
Ze-Yu Yang, Darrin Greenstein, Eddy Y. Zeng and Keith A. Maruya

Exposing water samples to ultraviolet light improves fluorometry for detecting human fecal contamination          ABSTRACT
Peter G. Hartel, Charles Hagedorn, Jennifer L. McDonald, Jared A. Fisher, Michael A. Saluta, Jerold W. Dickerson, Jr., Lisa C. Gentit, Steven L. Smith, Nehru S. Mantripragada, Kerry J. Ritter and Carolyn N. Belcher

Geographic sharing of ribotype patterns in Enterococcus faecalis for bacterial source tracking          ABSTRACT
Peter G. Hartel, Samuel P. Myoda, Kerry J. Ritter, Robin L. Kuntz, Karen Rodgers, James A. Entry, Sheryl A. Ver Wey, Eduardo C. Schröder, Juan Calle, Mercedes Lacourt, Janice E. Thies, John P. Reilly and Jeffry J. Fuhrmann



Commissioners and CTAG Members