2011 Annual Report

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Director’s Message – Saying more with less



Channel evolution model of response to urbanization in southern California     ABSTRACT

Robert J. Hawley, Brian P. Bledsoe, Eric D. Stein and Brian E. Haines

Framework and tool for rapid assessment of stream susceptibility to hydromodification     ABSTRACT
Brian P. Bledsoe, Eric D. Stein, Robert J. Hawley and Derek Booth

Metals and bacteria partitioning to various size particles in Ballona Creek stormwater runoff     ABSTRACT
Jeffrey S. Brown, Eric D. Stein, Drew Ackerman, John H. Dorsey, Jessica Lyon and Patrick M. Carter

Dynamics of pre- and post-fire pollutant loads in an urban fringe watershed     ABSTRACT

Megan P. Burke, Terri S. Hogue, Janet Barco, Christopher Wessel, Alicia Y. Kinoshita and Eric D. Stein






A pilot study of air-water exchange of organochlorine compounds at three coastal estuaries in southern California     ABSTRACT
Lisa D. Sabin, Keith Maruya, Wenjian Lao, Dario Diehl, David Tsukada, Keith D. Stolzenbach and Kenneth Schiff

Determining the health of California’s coastal salt marshes using rapid assessment     ABSTRACT
Christopher W. Solek, Martha A. Sutula, Eric D. Stein, Chad Roberts, Ross Clark, Kevin O’Connor and Kerry J. Ritter

Calibration and validation of the AZTI’s Marine Biotic Index (AMBI) for southern California marine bays     ABSTRACT
Heliana Teixeira, Stephen B. Weisberg, Angel Borja, J. Ananda Ranasinghe, Donald B. Cadien, Ronald G. Velarde, Lawrence L. Lovell, Dean Pasko, Charles A. Phillips, David E. Montagne, Kerry J. Ritter, Fuensanta Salas and João C. Marques

Selection of methods for assessing sediment toxicity in California bays and estuaries     ABSTRACT
Darrin J. Greenstein and Steven M. Bay


Relationship of sediment toxicity to benthic community impacts and water body management decisions     ABSTRACT
Steven M. Bay, Joseph R. Gully, Darrin J. Greenstein, Philip J. Markle and J. Ananda Ranasinghe

Using gene expression to assess the status of fish from anthropogenically influenced estuarine wetlands     ABSTRACT
Doris E. Vidal-Dorsch, Steven M. Bay, Monica A. Mays, Darrin J. Greenstein, Diana Young, Jeff Wolf, Don Pham, Alexander V. Loguinov and Chris Vulpe

Benthic macrofaunal assemblages of the San Francisco Estuary and Delta     ABSTRACT
Bruce Thompson, J. Ananda Ranasinghe, Sarah Lowe, Aroon Melwani and Stephen B. Weisberg



Challenges in implementing new technology for beach water quality monitoring: Lessons from a California demonstration project     ABSTRACT
John F. Griffith and Stephen B. Weisberg

Correlation between quantitative polymerase chain reaction and culture-based methods for measuring Enterococcus over various temporal scales and three California marine beaches     ABSTRACT
Reagan R. Converse, John F. Griffith, Rachel T. Noble, Richard A. Haugland, Kenneth Schiff and Stephen B. Weisberg

Diurnal variation in Enterococcus species composition in polluted ocean water: A potential role for the enterococcal carotenoid in protection against photoinactivation     ABSTRACT
Peter A. Maraccini, Donna M. Ferguson and Alexandria B. Boehm

Method repeatability for measuring Enterococcus in southern California beach sands     ABSTRACT
Yiping Cao, Charles D. McGee, John F. Griffith and Stephen B. Weisberg

Molecular detection of Campylobacter spp. in California Gull (Larus Californicus) excreta     ABSTRACT
Jingrang Lu, Hodon Ryu, Jorge Santo Domingo, John F. Griffith and Nicholas Ashbolt



Effluent discharges to the Southern California Bight from large municipal wastewater treatment facilities from 2005 to 2009     ABSTRACT
Greg S. Lyon and Martha A. Sutula

Regional assessment of marine and estuarine sediment toxicity in southern California      ABSTRACT
Darrin Greenstein, Steven Bay, Matthew Jacobe, Carlita Barton, Ken Sakamoto, Diana Young, Kerry Ritter and Kenneth Schiff

Pyrethroids in southern California coastal sediments     ABSTRACT
Wenjian Lao, Liesl Tiefenthaler, Darrin J. Greenstein, Keith A. Maruya, Steven M. Bay, Kerry Ritter and Kenneth Schiff

Distribution and sources of polybrominated diphenyl ethers in the Southern California Bight     ABSTRACT
Nathan G. Dodder, Keith A. Maruya, Gunnar G. Lauenstein, Juan Ramirez, Kerry J. Ritter and Kenneth Schiff

Spatial distribution of Southern California Bight demersal fishes in 2008     ABSTRACT
Eric F. Miller and Kenneth Schiff

Impact of stormwater discharges to water quality in California’s areas of special biological significance     ABSTRACT
Kenneth Schiff, Brenda Luk and Dominic Gregorio

Relative performance of the Southern California Benthic Response Index using species abundance and presence-only data: Relevance to DNA Barcoding     ABSTRACT
J. Ananda Ranasinghe, Eric D. Stein, Peter E. Miller and Stephen B. Weisberg


Phytoplankton blooms detected by SeaWiFS along the central and southern California coast     ABSTRACT
Nikolay P. Nezlin, Martha A. Sutula, Richard P. Stumpf and Ashmita Sengupta

Phosphorus cycling in the Sargasso Sea: Investigation using the oxygen isotopic composition of phosphate, enzyme labeled fluorescence, and turnover times     ABSTRACT
Karen McLaughlin, Jill A. Sohm, Gregory A. Cutter, Michael W. Lomas and Adina Paytan




Integrated coastal effects study: Synthesis of findings     ABSTRACT
Steven M. Bay, Doris E. Vidal-Dorsch, Daniel Schlenk, Kevin M. Kelley, Keith A. Maruya and Joseph R. Gully

Contaminants of emerging concern in municipal wastewater effluents and marine receiving water     ABSTRACT
Doris E.Vidal-Dorsch, Steven M. Bay, Keith A. Maruya, Shane A. Snyder, Rebecca A. Trenholm and Brett J. Vanderford


Organic contaminants of emerging concern in sediments and flatfish collected near outfalls discharging treated municipal wastewater effluent to the Southern California Bight     ABSTRACT
K.A. Maruya, D.E Vidal-Dorsch, S.M. Bay, J.W. Kwon, K. Xia and K.L. Armbrust

Annual and seasonal evaluation of reproductive status in hornyhead turbot at municipal wastewater outfalls in the Southern California Bight     ABSTRACT
Kristy L. Forsgren, Steven M. Bay, Doris E. Vidal-Dorsch, Xin Deng, Guanghua Lu, Jeff Armstrong, Joseph R. Gully and Daniel Schlenk



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