2012 Annual Report

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Antifouling biocides in water and sediments
from California marinas

Yelena Sapozhnikova, Edward Wirth, Kenneth Schiff and Michael Fulton

Stormwater contaminant loading following
Eric D. Stein, Jeffrey S. Brown, Terri S. Hogue, Megan P. Burke and Alicia Kinoshita

Comparison of natural and anthropogenic
nutrient sources in the Southern California Bight
Meredith D.A. Howard, Martha Sutula, David Caron, Yi Chao, John D. Farrara, Hartmut Frenzel, Burton Jones, George Robertson, Karen McLaughlin and Ashmita Sengupta

Passive sampling to measure background
dissolved persistent organic pollutant concentrations in the water column of the Palos Verdes Shelf Superfund site
Loretta A. Fernandez, Wenjian Lao, Keith A. Maruya, Carmen White and Robert M. Burgess

The effect of co-occurring polychlorinated
biphenyls on quantitation of toxaphene in fish tissue samples by gas chromatography negative ion mass spectrometry
Wenjian Lao, David Tsukada, and Keith A. Maruya

Nontargeted comprehensive two-dimensional
gas chromatography/time-of-flight mass spectrometry method and software for inventorying persistent and bioaccumulative contaminants in marine environments
Eunha Hoh, Nathan G. Dodder, Steven J. Lehotay, Kristin C. Pangallo, Christopher M. Reddy and Keith A. Maruya

A two-component mass balance model for
calibration of solid-phase microextraction fibers for pyrethroids in seawater
Wenjian Lao, Keith A. Maruya and David Tsukada






General regression neural networks to
estimate hydromodification response in semi-arid southern California streams
Ashmita Sengupta, Eric D. Stein and Robert J. Hawley

Reach-scale geomorphic and biological
effects of localized stream bank armoring
Eric D. Stein, Matthew R. Cover, A. Elizabeth Fetscher, Clare O’Reilly, Roxana Guardado1 and Christopher W. Solek






Descriptive trends in Southern California
Bight demersal fish assemblages, 1994-2008
Eric F. Miller and Kenneth Schiff

Long-term population and community
patterns of benthic macroinvertebrates and fishes in northern California Mediterranean-climate streams
Vincent H. Resh, Leah A. Bêche, Justin E. Lawrence, Raphael D. Mazor, Eric P. McElravy, Alison P. O’Dowd, Deborah Rudnick and Stephanie M. Carlson

How much is too much? Identifying
benchmarks of adverse effects of macroalgae on the macrobenthic community in estuarine intertidal flats
Lauri Green, Martha Sutula and Peggy Fong

Thresholds of adverse effects of macroalgal
abundance and sediment organic matter on benthic habitat quality in estuarine intertidal flats
Martha Sutula, Lauri Green, Giancarlo Cicchetti, Naomi Detenbeck and Peggy Fong

A novel quantification method for
stream-inhabiting, non-diatom benthic algae, and its application in bioassessment
Rosalina Stancheva, A. Elizabeth Fetscher and Robert G. Sheath

Evaluation of reproductive endocrine
status in hornyhead turbot sampled from southern California’s urbanized coastal environments
Jesus A. Reyes, Doris E. Vidal-Dorsch, Daniel Schlenk, Steven M. Bay, Jeffrey L. Armstrong, Joseph R. Gully, Curtis Cash, Michael Baker, Timothy D. Stebbins, Gary Hardiman and Kevin M. Kelley

Optimizing ethanol-based sample
preservation to facilitate use of DNA barcoding in routine freshwater biomonitoring programs using benthic macroinvertebrates
Eric D. Stein, Bryan P. White, Raphael D. Mazor, Peter E. Miller and Erik M. Pilgrim






Factors affecting the relationship between
qPCR and culture-based enumeration of Enterococcus
Darcy L. Ebentier, Meredith R. Raith, Yiping Cao, John F. Griffith and Stephen B. Weisberg

Effect of platform, reference material, and
quantification model on enumeration of Enterococcus by quantitative PCR methods
Yiping Cao, Mano Sivaganesan, Julie Kinzelman, A. Denene Blackwood, Rachel T. Noble, Richard A. Haugland, John F. Griffith and Stephen B. Weisberg

Inter-laboratory comparison of real-time
PCR protocols for quantification of general fecal indicator bacteria
Orin C. Shanks, Mano Sivaganesan, Lindsay Peed, Catherine A. Kelty, A. Denene Blackwood, Monica R. Greene, Rachel T. Noble, Rebecca N. Bushon, Erin A. Stelzer, Julie Kinzelman, Tamara Anan’eva, Christopher Sinigalliano, David Wanless, John Griffith, Yiping Cao, Steve Weisberg, Valarie J. Harwood, Christopher Staley, Kevin H. Oshima, Manju Varma and Richard A. Haugland

Effectiveness of qPCR permutations,
internal controls and dilution as means for minimizing the impact of inhibition while measuring Enterococcus in environmental waters
Yiping Cao, John F. Griffith, Samuel Dorevitch and Stephen B. Weisberg

Application of an integrated community
analysis approach for microbial source tracking in a coastal creek
Yiping Cao, Laurie C. Van De Werfhorst, Bram Sercu, Jill L.S. Murray and Patricia A. Holden

Comparison of gull feces-specific
assays targeting the 16S rRNA gene of Catellicoccus marimammalium and Streptococcus spp.
Hodon Ryu, John F. Griffith, Izhar U.H. Khan, Stephen Hill, Thomas A. Edge, Carlos Toledo-Hernandez, Joel Gonzalez-Nieves and Jorge Santo Domingo

The association of fecal indicator bacteria
with human viruses and microbial source tracking markers at coastal beaches impacted by nonpoint source pollution
Shannon McQuaig, John Griffith and Valerie J. Harwood

Development of quantitative PCR assays
targeting 16S rRNA gene of Enterococcus spp. and their application to the identification of Enterococcus species in environmental samples
Hodon Ryu, Michael Henson, Michael Elk, Carlos Toledo-Hernandez, John Griffith, Denene Blackwood, Rachel Noble, Michèle Gourmelon, Susan Glassmeyer and Jorge Santo Domingo

A multi-beach study of Staphylococcus
, MRSA, and enterococci in seawater and beach sand
Kelly D. Goodwin, Melody McNay, Yiping Cao, Darcy Ebentier, Melissa Madison and John F. Griffith






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