The Southern California Coastal Water Research Project (SCCWRP) Authority is a public agency formed in 1969 to conduct coastal environmental research and suggest management strategies.

SCCWRP was created by a joint powers agreements (JPA), stemming from a common need among multiple government entities. SCCWRP’s diverse member agencies, including municipalities that discharge treated wastewater to the ocean, stormwater agencies, and water quality regulators, joined together to create a solid foundation for impartial research. The 14-member SCCWRP Commission, comprised of leaders from each organization, meets quarterly and helps to apply new scientific findings to management questions.

SCCWRP is a unique organization because it not only conducts research, but also coordinates diverse sectors, builds consensus among experts, and pays special attention to technology transfer. While it began with a mandate to investigate regional coastal impacts from wastewater discharge, SCCWRP has grown to examine a diverse array of water quality and aquatic habitat issues, spanning coastal watersheds, urban stormwater, wetlands, beaches, bays, and the marine shelf.

Interview with SCCWRP Executive Director Steve Weisberg

Brochure detailing SCCWRP's goals and research activities.

Brochure describing SCCWRP's unique role in supporting environmental management.

Poster about SCCWRP's partnerships

Poster on how SCCWRP transitions scientific findings for use in management applications